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PROS: Very interesting product. Could be put to a good use in everyday life.

CONS: Doesn’t support the newest generation of iOS products.

PowerDock Dual 2During the last couple of months I reviewed a few very interesting chargers for iOS devices, which I believe will become very popular, as a new product type. These are chargers that can accommodate more than one iOS device, or  able to accommodate several USB ports, so you can connect your iPhone and your iPad to charge at the same time. I was actually surprised that these products weren’t introduced earlier, considering how popular iOS devices are and the fact that most of us own several of these devices in one household. After all, no one likes to carry several adapters and deal with tangled cables. That’s why we are introducing you to PowerDock Dual an ipad and iphone docking station, made by Griffin.

Griffin is a well-known and respectable company which is mostly known for a wide range of 3rd party accessories made for iOS devices. PowerDock Dual isn’t quite a new product, since it has been around for a while and comes after a series of PowerDock products which were constantly improving with each new generation.

PowerDock Dual 1

PowerDock Dual is basically a dock, able to charge iPhone and iPad at the same time. It features interesting design, which nicely complements iOS devices with its curved lines and a combination of shiny and matte finish. As you can see from the pictures, it is able to hold two devices at the same time, which are slightly tilted so that both of them can be used to check for new notifications. In front of them there’s a tray which could be used to hold your keys, coins, and similar stuff. I somehow always imagine using PowerDock Dual by the front door, or in the living room, where you can place your two iOS devices, and a wallet once you get home in the evening, so there’s a real practical use for this product.

PowerDock Dual 3

Now a few words on its usability. You should know that it’s not quite that easy to make a charger which is able to simultaneously hold two iOS products, mostly because of their charging ports and ever changing brackets into which you place your phone or a tablet. That’s why some charging stations feature very tight brackets, into which you need to push your iOS device. On the other side, there are docks which charge your devices while holding them loosely, which is mostly because designers wanted to support use of skins and cases. PowerDock Dual is trying to fit into the middle, by offering tight brackets with spring-loaded plugs which could bend toward both sides. This means that you can easily place any type of iOS device and lift them up without any problems. This also means that you won’t have to remove any case or a skin you might use with your iPhone/iPad, but this somewhat depends on how thick that case is. You shouldn’t have problem with most cases, but I would advise you to try it before you buy, or to do some research prior to purchase.

PowerDock Dual features two 30-pin connectors, which means that you won’t be able to use it with the newest generation of iOS products. Still, I strongly believe that there are many users of iPad 3 and iPhone 4/4S, so there are a lot of potential buyers.



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