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Q Card Case 3A wallet cases can be very useful accessories for an iPhone. These cases exist ever since the original iPhone was introduced, and while the majority came with some design-related issues, there are a few wallet cases which were very popular and those were able to replace your wallet completely, which is what they are made to do.

It is actually not so easy to design and manufacture a quality made wallet case which wouldn’t have to choose between usability and attractive design. There are several goals that every wallet case needs to fully achieve and those are to protect your iPhone just like any other standard case, and well as to give you an additional pocket for your cards and cash which won’t make your iPhone too thick, and which will keep those items perfectly snugged. It also needs to prove the test of time, meaning that materials should be firm enough not make a pocket loose, since this can make a specific wallet case completely obsolete.

Q Card Case 1

In this article we are bringing you a review of Q Card Case, which is the wallet case for iPhone 5. On a first sight it is clear that it promises a lot, and it is also interesting that it’s very affordable at only $40. Now let’s see how this case works in practice.

Once you place your iPhone 5 into Q Card, you will begin to notice many fine details which will occupy your eye. It is clear that designers at CM4 (a company which made the Q Card) took their time to design every single aspect of this product. The base of this case is made of rubber, and that rubber is best visible at iPhone’s edges. This rubber actually goes a little bit over the edge, so if you place your iPhone with its screen downwards positioned, you won’t have to be afraid that it will be accidentally scratched. The front side of Q Card is completely free, which means that it doesn’t offer with any screen protection, which will be just fine for the most users. The back side of the case is filled with many small details and also offers you a pocket for your card and money, in an attempt to replace your wallet.

Q Card Case 2

The back side of Q Card is very nicely designed. Wallet-functionality covers its entire surface, except from the top where the camera is located. This part is covered with quality rubber and offers flash guard as well. The rest of the back side is made to act as a wallet. There’s a stitched fabric with quick-access slot for your cards and money. According to official statements, Q Card is made to hold up to three IDs or credit cards, as well as a small amount of cash. In practice, this works very well and I am sure that a material won’t be stretched so easily over the longer periods of time. The stitching is also very quality, so you won’t have to worry about tearing this fabric from any side.

In general, Q Card is a very well designed product. It has a very genuine use, and can replace your wallet. It is very affordable and is offered with several color combinations.


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