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PROS: Works very well, very accurate. Separate purchases for different sensors. A lot of fine-tuning available.

CONS: None.

Should I Sleep 1There are several popular applications on the Mac App Store which are offering enhanced features that are controlling how and when a computer should go to sleep. Even though this might not sound as an important feature, it has very practical uses and there are some situations where it can be very handy. For example, it is important to set the timer on your OS X which will make a computer sleep after a while, so in case you need to leave your computer unattended for a bit, your personal data should be safe. On the other hand, making these very strict rules can get in a way of your everyday habits, as a computer user. For example, this can make OS X go to sleep while you’re reading a long article, or if you leave your computer to finish some very long video processing. That’s why there are some 3rd party apps, which could be a real life-saver.

We are going to review one of those apps, and you can find this one right on the Mac App Store. It is called Should I Sleep and is priced at $2. This application is quite different than other apps of this type, because it has a very different approach to scanning your surrounding in order to determine whether a computer should go to sleep or not.

Should I Sleep 2

Should I Sleep comes with 6 in-app purchases, which means that you will need to individually buy a sensor that you would like to use. There are 5 sensors and each of them costs $1. You can also purchase all of them at once (any future upgrades are also included in this price) for $3. These sensors are: face detection, camera motion, sound activity, external display, download monitor, and processor usage. Now let’s see how this app works.

In order to use Should I Sleep you’ll need to purchase and set up a sensors of your choice. Each of them comes with a very detailed set of options, so you can easily fine-tune a sensor according to your surroundings. For example, Face detection uses your Mac’s camera to take a picture once in a while in order to scan for a face. If the scan is successful, your Mac will keep running. This is very similar to Camera motion sensor, which also uses your Mac’s camera to capture a short video.

Another sensor is Sound activity. This sensor listens to your surrounding in order to determine if you’re working at your computer. You can fine-tune it according to your surroundings, so it can easily adapt to any situation. For example, surrounding sounds will be completely different at your home, at a coffee shop or in the library, for example.

External Display, Download Monitor, and Processor Usage are pretty much self-explanatory. These scan OS X’s usage in order to determine whether you use your computer at the moment. This can be also helpful in case you leave a Mac to download a big file, so Should I Sleep can turn it off once a download is completed. The last one, Processor Usage is great for those who like exporting videos, for example, so Should I Sleep can also turn off their computers once a processor-intensive task is completed.

In case you’re in need for an application which will make your Mac sleep at a given rule, Should I Sleep is probably the best choice right now. It case you plan to purchase it will the sensors included, it will cost you $5, which is still a very good deal.


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