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PROS: Interesting concept.

CONS: Oversimplified. Bugs and sudden crashes. Overpriced, in terms of end result and functionality.

Stitcha 2These days, I hardly use anything else than my iPhone to take pictures. I carry it in my pocket all the time, and iPhone 5 comes with a great camera which I am very happy with. I do also own a DSLR camera, which I use only in special occasions or when go on a trip somewhere.

Since we all got pretty good smartphones camera these days, I think it’s essential to have a reliable and simple photo editor on your computer, simply to do some much helpful adjustments and enhancements. As we said in many articles before, the Mac App Store offers plenty of simple photo editors and you can find right here on MacReview several great apps, where some of them are completely free of charge.

Besides these editors, there are a lot of specialized ones, which usually come as a single-feature apps. Some of them can really make a difference to a photo, and they are usually free or cost only a few dollars. In this article we are going to review one of these applications, which can be used to merge individual photos into a panoramic photo. It is called Stitcha and it’s priced at $5.

Stitcha scr1

Stitcha is perhaps one of the most stripped photo editors I’ve encountered, and in fact this is not a photo editor since all you can do with this photo is to create a panoramic pic, without much interfering or fine-tuning. Once you open it you’ll see that this app doesn’t come with any menu bar items like File or Help, which seems odd. There’s only a “Stitcha” menu, which can be used to close this app. There’s no Preferences window, or any of those basic features. I found this a bit surprising since Stitcha is priced at $5, which is a bit more expensive than most OS X photo editors.

Stitcha comes with a small window into which you need to drag-and-drop your photos. There’s no Import menu, which means that you’ll need to exit a fullscreen mode (if you use this view-mode on your Mac) in order to drag a bunch of files from one application to another. You should make sure that all those photos are shot with the same or very similar level of brightness and other parameters, since if that’s not the case, one part of a panorama will be differently colored. Once you drag-and-drop your photos, Stitcha automatically starts analyzing them and creates a new panoramic photo. This can take up to several minutes, and it seems that Stitcha doesn’t really drain a processor power. Once it’s finished, you’ll see a thumbnail so you drag-and-drop it onto a desktop, or share it using standard OS X tools like Mail and iMessage.

Stitcha 3

The final result of Stitcha is relatively good. You can’t set up any parameters since this app is doing all the work for itself. In the end, it sometimes degrades quality and a resolution of a picture. Also, I noticed some distortion, so in case you really focus on a details, you will be able to see that this is a stitched photo.

Also, Stitcha comes with several annoying bugs and has tendency to crash while stitching a photo. With all this said, I don’t believe it’s worth its price, and we’ve reviewed some similar apps in the past which received very positive ratings which makes them more suitable for this job.


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