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PROS: Brings something new and authentic to a world of iOS e-mail apps. Effective and fun to use.

CONS: Not a replacement for any e-mail app.

Triage 1The iOS’ default Mail app was great in the original version of this operating system, but as we see Apple’s developers only put a minimum effort into it over time. It is doing its main job pretty well, meaning that it nicely displays e-mails, you can use multiple accounts with unified inbox, and all other standard features which you can expect from any usable e-mail client. However, since 3rd party iOS developers are now trying to beat Apple’s Mail app, I hope things will change and I really hope we’ll see some exciting new features and updated interface in the upcoming iOS 7.

In the meantime, if you’re in a search for an interesting e-mail client for iOS, there are some very interesting choices. There are several new mail apps which received very positive reviews around the web and by now, they are one of the most downloaded apps in the iOS App Store. We are talking about apps like Mailbox and Mail Pilot, so check them out. In the meantime, there are also some other interesting apps, which come with unusual features and some very interesting new functions. One of those is an app called Triage and it comes with a mission to help you sort out your inbox.

Triage is perfect for those who receive many e-mails throughout the day, so their inbox is always full and very messy. It is hard to get organized in that situation, since you can easily miss some important information or you might oversee something. Of course, Apple’s own Mail app can help you with this, just like any other e-mail app, but there’s better way to deal with it, and that’s by using Triage.

Triage 2

Triage comes with a very simple interface, and only few available gestures. In order to begin, you’ll need to set-up your e-mail account and this app supports all major e-mail providers and IMAP protocols. After you’ve done that, you see Triage’s main interface which is consisted of a grey background and a batch of e-mails found in your inbox. As the new e-mail comes in, it will be added on top of a batch, so you’ll always see the newest message first. In order to clear up your inbox, you can swipe up which will delete or achieve a message (which you can set-up in Triage’s settings) and you swipe down in order to save that message for later. You can also choose to send a quick reply or forward a message by click on a well-known arrow icon. And that’s all there is.

As you can notice, Triage isn’t made to replace Apple’s Mail app, since it can only help you clear up your messy inbox. It is doing that in a very effective and innovative way. Of course, this app is in its first version, so it will be interesting to see what new features it might get and what the future holds for this little app.

Triage is priced at $2 and can be purchased through iOS App Store (requires iOS 6.0).


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