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PROS: Quality made. Doesn’t add bulk to your iPad Mini. Can be folded into several stands.

CONS: Will not protect your iPad Mini from hard hits.

VersaCover Mini Origami 1In general, folio-style cases are the perfect hard shells for any iPad Mini, and they are very convenient to carry and use. The problem with those is that most folio-style cases are very bulky, so when you place your iPad into it, it will become even bulkier. I guess that everything comes with a price, so in case you need a very strong protection for your iPad, you’ll simply have to deal with added weight and bulk.

In case you’ve got an iPad Mini, and you like folio-style cases, a company called Moshi made a product which you might be interested in. It is in fact a folio case, but it is very slim and can generate enough protection without adding any bulk. It is called VersaCover Mini Origami, and continue reading to see what this product can offer you.

Many will like VersaCover Mini Origami because of its lightweight construction. Just like any other folio case, this one has a back and a front side, so you can comfortably slide your iPad Mini into it. This case is made of a translucent plastics, molded into a single flexible piece. With this said, you can assume that this plastic won’t suffer hard hits, but it will keep your iPad Mini free from scratches and other light accidental damages.

VersaCover Mini Origami 2

VersaCover Mini Origami leaves all ports open, as well a small hole for the back camera, and a microphone too. Back shell is a single piece of plastics, while the front cover is made of a very thin plastics covered by a layer of soft suede. It feels really nice in hand, and takes of iPad’s screen properly. You can choose from several color schemes: (Aloe) green, (Denim) blue, (Sakura) pink, and (Velvet) grey. A nice and gentle pastel tones will suit most people.

Now, what’s really interesting about this iPad Mini case is that it can be folded into several origami-style shapes, so you can use it as an iPad Mini stand. The front side is dented by five lines, which are used to make a certain shapes. You can actually make four different shapes, which means you can use your iPad Mini at three viewing angles in landscape, and one position in portrait orientation. This case is really versatile, and offers you enough space to play around with your iPad Mini at different viewing angles. Also, even though the cover is made of thin plastics, once you fold it into a shape you’ll get a very strong and sturdy construction.

If you ever used any of Moshi’s product, that you know that you can expect a good quality. The VersaCover Mini Origami is no different, and comes with some nice details which show that designers took their time with this product. With all this said, $50 seems like the reasonable price for this product.


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