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PROS: Very easy to set up. Ability to expand a system with new cameras with ease. Very usable iOS app.

CONS: Video stream quality is low. Motion detection is not that usable because of a low fps. A bit pricey, even though a basic plan is free to use.

VueZone 2Perhaps you haven’t been aware of this, but your iPhone can be paired with some security systems, so you can always keep track and receive a video stream of you house, no matter where you are at the moment.

You can actually find several of these security systems, which are specifically designed to work with your iOS devices and OS X as well. They can be a serious investment, and they tend to deliver very different end results, so my recommendation is to do serious research before buying such product. Also, try to get informed on all features you can expect from a security system of this kind, meaning what’s the streaming video resolution, how their iOS app work, and all those extra features like fps (frames per second), night vision or movement detection.

In this article we are going to tell you about a security system called VueZone, created and sold by a well-known company Netgear. This company released some very popular products and it is specialized in different kind of wireless network equipment, but there are also some products of theirs which received not so shiny user reviews.

VueZone 1

VueZone is a security system which is consisted of a network base and two cameras (and two wall mounts as well), and this a standard package which could be purchased at Apple’s online store for $300. By doing some research, I’ve noticed that some other online resellers are charging the same for this VueZone package but they also offer an outdoor shell.

It is very easy to set up this system and you will be able to start using it in a matter of minutes, which is a big plus considering that some iOS-exclusive systems can be tricky to set up. Network base needs to be plugged into a wall socket and paired with your home network by clicking on a button, and that’s all. Now install wall mount by simply sticking it to a wall and then place a very small wireless camera on top of it. These cameras can be easily moved, so you can adjust them the way you want. The VueZone system comes with two standard cameras, but Netgear also sells motion detection and night-vision cameras which are sold separately. One network base can hold up to 15 cameras.

VueZone 5

Now, in order to stream a video from these cameras you’ll need Netgear’s VueZone app, available on iPhone and iPad as well. The VueZone’s app is nicely designed and you’ll need to login using your credentials, and now you can select from which camera you’d like to stream video. Next, a video stream will pop-up and you’ll be able to use tools like screenshot snap, pause it, record it, zoom in and adjust a light setting since these cameras are not that good in low-light ambiences. Speaking of quality, this can be a bit of a problem since these cameras are able to record a video up to only 6 frames per second. This means that if a scene is static, you will be able to see it clearly, but if someone is running for example, it will be blurred which greatly downgrades VueZone’s usability. This iOS app also offers settings like video capture format, duration of capture, auto-record and similar features, which is a pleasant surprise. Overall, Netgear had done a good job with this app, since it is easy to use and offers plenty of useful features.

The VueZone video stream can be also viewed using OS X and its Safari browser, which is yet another helpful feature.

Finally, it is important to say that this package (with comes with two VueZone cameras) is free to use on a monthly basis. If you plan to add more cameras, you’ll need to pay premium package which could costs $5 or $10 per month.


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