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PROS: Interesting idea and concept. Washable in a machine. Cleans up your iPhone.

CONS: None.

Wedge 1Even though smartphones come with a special coating which prevents smudges on their screens, you probably know that this technology isn’t really effective. There’s no smartphone which doesn’t attract fingerprints and smudges, and even an iPhone isn’t an exception.

You surely admire iPhone’s sophisticated design, those fine lines and quality materials. In practice, these materials and finishing touches don’t look like you see them in advertisements. By holding an iPhone in hand, you will leaves traces of oil and your fingerprints not only on its screen, but all over its backside as well. Now, there’s a problem to it, and those are millions of small germs and bacteria that might be transferred to your phone’s body, which could cause complications for people with sensitive skin. This is only one example of why you should take better care of your phone, in terms of hygiene.

All those things we said in the previous paragraph can be applied to people who use their iPhones with and without a mask, a case, or a sleeve. This is why some companies are selling small tissues, specially created for cleaning smartphone screens, but there are a bit more practical and more interesting solution. There’s a product called Wedge ($15), made by Toddy Gear.

Toddy Gear is a company specialized in all kinds of cloths, used to wipe down computers, tablets and mobile phones. Wedge is their product made for iPhones. It is practically a beanbag, specially made for your phone and I think that mostly young people are going to love this.

Wedge 2

Wedge acts as a stand for your iPhone, and could be used with any generation. Its size and internal stuffing are made to support iPhone 5, but any other model will also do. It practically looks like a beanbag, consisted of two pillows. One of those is located on the bottom side of iPhone, and it’s rectangular shaped. The other pillow is triangular, and used to support iPhone’s body. You can place a phone in portrait or landscape orientation.

What’s special about this stand is that it comes with antimicrobial protection, which is a special coating which removes microbial organisms. Also, as you can see from the pictures, Wedge comes with microfiber cloth used to wide down your iPhone, while the side of Wedge is made of silky microfiber, used to polish iPhone’s screen after cleaning it properly. So as you can see, Wedge is an interesting product which has several useful roles, even though it seems very simple at a first sight.

As we said earlier, Wedge can be used with any iPhone, but sometimes a phone might slip if you position it upwards, so you’ll be mostly using it in landscape. Also, since it’s made of textile, it can get dirty over time, but you can safely clean it with a warm water and a soap and it will be as good as new. It is stain and wrinkle resistant, and can be used over and over again.


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