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PROS: Quality made. Feels nice in hand. Offers five viewing angles as a stand. Affordable.

CONS: Feels a bit tight for iPads 3rd and 4th generation. Very bulky

Dash Folio Felt 2In case you’re interested in using an external protection to keep your iPad free of scratches or damages, you can surely find the right case, a shell, or a skin. There are many different type of external iPad protection, which is a good thing since some of like using those tight skins which tend not to change iPad’s original aesthetics, while on the other hand there are those who like folio-type of cases. These cases completely cover your iPad, so it somewhat looks like a notebook. This means there is going to be the front and end cover, as well as some type of a system which will hold an iPad firmly within these covers. Folio cases are usually bulky and some of them also add a significant weight to iPad. They also bring complete protection and they usually act as a stand as well.

In this article we are going to review one of X-Doria’s products, which is a company which makes all kinds of holders and protection for iOS devices. This case is called Dash Folio Felt, and is priced at $50. According to X-Doria’s statements, it is made for iPad 2, 3 and the newest generation.

At a first sight, it is clear that Dash Folio Felt is a quality made product. On the outside you’ll find felt exterior, which feels nice in hand. It only comes in one color – dark grey. This type of external felt will surely attract dust out of any surface you place it on, which I didn’t like. It also means that it will become somewhat dirty after a while, even though its dark color will keep it invisible. For someone who’s very sensitive to dust, this type of external lining wouldn’t be a good fit. In case you really like X-Doria’s products, you can find another folio case, which comes with leather cover. It is also priced at $50.

Dash Folio Felt 1

Internally, you can find a lot of faux leather. Stitching is very good, so I guess you shouldn’t have any problems with Dash Folio in a long-term. As you can probably imagine, you can also use this cover as a stand, and it is able to keep your iPad inclined at five different viewing angles. Four of those could be achieved by using the ridges found in the front cover, while the last one is achieved by folding over the front cover around the iPad’s back. Also, this case leaves all ports open, as well as both cameras.

Now, many users noticed that this case works very well with the iPad 2, but you will need an extra push in order to make other iPads fit it (3rd and 4th generation). I hope this won’t negatively impact on the stitching, since these two iPad can stretch it a bit. It seems that X-Doria tried to make a folio case which will suit as many iPad generations as possible, even though it should have made a small adjustments to each iPad generation.


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