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Full featured e-mail client with some small issues.

airmail 3One of the latest trends throughout OS X and iOS software development are all-capable e-mail clients. This seems to be a forgotten area for some time, where Apple’s Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook dominated. However, these two applications, even completely different as they are, can’t offer anything new or innovating at their current state. As you probably know, Outlook is overcrowded with features which could be nicely utilized, but this e-mail client hasn’t been updated for several years now. On the other hand, Apple’s Mail is capable yet very simple, but lacks some features needed by advanced users.

Back in March, we reviewed a very interesting e-mail client, named Airmail, which was still in its open beta phase. Now since Airmail made its way into the Mac App Store, we decided to test it and see if we can confirm our previous rating for this app (which was 4.5/5 at that time).

Airmail 2

Even more than in its beta version, final version of Airmail resembles Sparrow in its default form. You’ll get to use left-positioned sidebar with large icons for inbox, starred messages, folders and tags, drafts and the rest of standard options. There’s a list of messages in a middle-positioned column (which some additional features like “New Message” or “Quick Reply”), and the rest of Airmail’s interface is dedicated to your e-mail message. We described Airmail’s default interface, and each of these columns can be turned on/off, and adjusted to your needs. This way you can make a completely basic and minimalist interface, or you can make it full-featured with buttons and icons all over.

Speaking of its functionality, it would take some time to describe all the features you’ll get to use, so we will focus on the most prominent ones. First of all, you can use folders and tags to categorize your e-mails, which could help you down the road when you need to find a specific e-mail conversation which happened months ago. You should know that these folders and tags are sometimes going to be local (meaning that they are not going to be synced with your e-mail server) because Gmail does not support folders, while many other IMAP protocols usually don’t support tags. So, this is something to consider, so you don’t get surprised in the future.

Airmail 1

You can also use Airmail’s Preferences to set up every single aspect of this application, from its appearance, Dropbox integration, up to notification systems. So, this really is a full-featured e-mail client for a $2 price tag.

On the other hand, Airmail does come with some issues. These issues are mostly performance-related, meaning that some users are experiencing crashes and synchronization lags. This seems to be the problem for those users with lots of e-mails stored on a server, which seems to present a problem for Airmail. This is something that developers already acknowledged, and promised a fix in the upcoming update.


Full-featured e-mail client. Complete customization. Very affordable.


Performance issues and lags.


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