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PROS: Very easy to set up and use. Produces great results. Very affordable.

CONS: None.

carsonslensmagA couple of months ago we reviewed a product called Olloclip, an additional lens for your iPhone. This is a 3rd party product in form of a clip-on photography lens that you simply place over iPhone’s built-in camera and it actually produces very interesting results. We gave it 5 stars since it is very affordable and brings several new and very functional filters to existing iPhone’s camera abilities.

Lensmag is a similar product to Olloclip, because it also features a clip-on camera lens, although it is solely use for shooting macro photographs.  It also shares the same navigation as Olloclip’s in terms of the need to slide over the iPhone’s camera and flash.  Lensmag is made by Carson Optical, a company that specializes in creating great quality optics.

What sets Lensmag different to Olloclip is the use of magnets to attach itself to iPhone’s back part.  This feature makes it easy to position Lensmag properly, because it slides with ease over iPhone’s camera, and it also leaves a cutout for a flash.  It is made of durable material, and is expected to be in good use for a long time. The original package comes with two lenses and a small carrying bag.

LensMag 1

As we said earlier, these lenses can be only used to shoot close-up photos (a macro mode in your iPhone’s photo settings). In case you use your iPhone 5 to shoot a macro photograph, you will notice that it is able to capture a certain amount of details, and you can closely inspect a photo by zooming it in. Even though iPhone’s built-in camera is pretty great for a smartphone, you can simply achieve much more impressive results by using LensMag. In practice it really shows great results, both in photo and video modes.

In order to determine how effective LensMag actually is, I would recommend taking a close-up picture of a coin. Then, zoom in and notice all those fine details around the edges, and how light spreads across them. Original iPhone’s camera is able to detect those fine details, but when you zoom in they are going to be a bit smeared or distorted. On the other hand, LensMag dramatically improves sharpness of those details.

LensMag 2

Also, it is important to note that you’ll receive two lenses: 10x and 15x – this refers to a maximum amount of magnification. So, LensMag will improve original iPhone’s 10x magnification and it can go even beyond that, up to 50%. This is actually the biggest magnification that you can currently achieve with iPhone 5, with or without any additional filters or lenses.

In case you’re a photography enthusiast and you like using your iPhone 5 to shoot great photos, Carson’s LensMag is a perfect addition to your regular photography equipment. Finally, it costs only $20, so it is very affordable.


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