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PROS: Very useful. Improves Apple’s Messages app.

CONS: High priced for a search tool.

Chatology 3For me personally, one of the most useful iOS features is the iMessage protocol. As you’re probably well aware of, iMessage lets you exchange messages and files with other iOS/OSX users completely free of charge (if you’re using Wi-Fi on your iOS device). The best thing is that iMessage is integrated into Messages app on OSX, and all these messages can be synced via iCloud with other iOS devices and OSX as well.

Even though all of what I’ve said in the previous paragraph is true, most users are still having some difficulties with all of those features. In practice, iCloud synchronization doesn’t work well between iOS and OSX, so most times you need to force it which can be done only if you know how to do that safely. So with all this on mind, it could be said that iMessage is a project which still needs development in order to become a serious tool. For now, it can be used to chat with other people on a casual basis, since files can get lost if you don’t keep track of them, and there’s very limited search functionality of Messages app on OSX.

Chatology 1

In this article we are going to give a suggestion on how you can turn Messages app on your OSX into a serious communication tool. This can be done via Chatology, which is an application developed by Flexibits. This is a very powerful search tool which integrates itself into Messages app database and can replace primitive and limited iMessage search.

Chatology is a standalone application, but it uses Messages app database for its basic function. This said, you can use CMD+F while you’re in Messages app to start Chatology and use its powerful search function. Communication between these applications is instantaneous and always up to date.

Chatology 2

What Chatology does is using Messages archive located in /Library/Messages/Archive/. This way you can search for a specific conversion, a specific message or a keyword, and you can even search for a file or a picture. In case you’ve got numerous messages and conversations saved in database, you can use a timeframe and help Chatology find the exact thing you’re searching for. Later on, you can filter images or links, so now you can drag-and-drop and save them onto desktop, for example. Chatology also allows you to save conversation as a plain text file, or only to save a portion of a conversation. You’ll be also able to open the original chat, which is going to be opened via Apple’s Messages app.

In case you’re using iMessage on a daily basis, and in case you’re exchanging a lot of files via this protocol, than you’re probably aware of how Apple’s Messages app is limited. Chatology can solve this problem in some ways, and act as a default search engine. The only problem with this app is its price of $19, which will be a problem for anyone who’s not very serious about iMessage. So I guess this is one of those opinionated applications, which are only made for very serious users who are interested in getting the most out of iMessage.


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