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PROS: Nicely designed application. Very comprehensive and feature-rich. Can be very useful if utilized right.

CONS: A significant financial investment.

Daylite 2In this review we are going to tackle a very comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) which is made to be utilized within a business organization. This application is called Daylite, and it is much more than just a CMS, since it offers a complete package to keep all your (co)workers on track and to ease up communication and project management.

It would be very hard to explain all features which are brought by Daylite, and such article would be very exhausting and confusing to read. Instead, we are going to show you what can be done with Daylite, for what kind of user this app is made for, and we’ll explain some if its most prominent features.

Daylite is designed to be used to manage your business, simply said. You can use this application to keep track of your business contacts, to exchange e-mails with others, to set up calendars and goals, and finally – to keep track of every single aspect of work on a specific goal (or a project).

In order to use Daylite, you’ll need to use one of Macs in your office as a server which is going to hold the main database, so all other computers can access it and store information. This way all your workers will always be in sync, which is vital when working on complex projects. Setting up a server is actually easy with Daylite since you’ll get to use an app called Daylite Server Admin. It takes just a couple of minutes to get it up and running, even if you’re a complete newbie.

Daylite 3

Once you’ve set up a server you’ll get to use Daylite in its fullest. When you open it you’ll see a list of main tools located in the left-positioned sidebar. Some of these are: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Reports, and more. This is the main navigation sidebar, so when you click on any of these tools you’ll see a drop-down menu which reveals a list of options and additional tools directly related to the one you’ve previously chosen. By default, Daylite will show you a brief overview of today’s tasks, as well as overdue tasks and short overview of the next seven days. This app also features its own notification system, which is really nicely designed, and which is there to notify you of any active changes within your database.

Now let’s briefly see some of Daylite’s main tools and what their abilities are. Calendar is designed to set up tasks and events, and you can also create several calendars which can be helpful to keep track of several areas of your business. Contacts are there to help you keep tracks of your clients, sales leads, and pretty much everyone you work with, and contacts can be organized into groups as well.

Daylite 1

Objectives is a tool which can be used to keep track of a project. This is a very comprehensive tool, which be an application for itself. You’ll get to create projects based on other tasks you’ve already created and you can use calendars, contacts, and notes which are already there in Daylite. This way you’ll get a progress bar which is a very nice visual representation of a stage your project is currently in.

Finally, it is also import to say that Daylite features very complex reporting tool, which can be used to get almost any imaginable report which is going to be completely automatically generated.

Daylite is a professional solution, so it’s priced accordingly. You can currently purchase it for $290, which might seem a lot, but you should know that there are no monthly subscriptions like with most other similar apps.


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