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PROS: Very interesting idea. Useful and timesaving tool. Easy to use.
>br> CONS: Occasional upload glitches.

Dropmark 2Sharing a bunch of different items over the web has never been easier. There are numerous ways to share your vacation photos, send music to someone, or even to effortlessly collaborate with your colleagues while you’re all working on a single document. This is why social networks are so popular, as well as those numerous cloud services, which all offer ways to exchange files and information.

Even though both social networks and cloud services can be used to share files and information, these are essentially different sharing platforms. Cloud services can be used in numerous ways and can be implemented into third party apps for easy and effortless sharing. This is why it’s hard to imagine exciting future uses of these services, since they are already incredibly powerful.

In today’s article we are going to talk about an interesting cloud service that has something  new to offer in the table, this can also change the way you share information and files with others. It’s called Dropmark and it actually exists over a few years now, but an OSX application was published just recently which made it much easier for Mac users to jump on board with this service.

Dropmark 1

Essentially, Dropmark lets you drag-and drop almost anything you can imagine into your web browser and that will be shared with the people you invite. This applies to web links, documents, files (music, videos, photos…), and even Google maps. This is all going to be uploaded to your Dropmark account and you’ll be able to see these items using www.dropmark.com. Well, that is how you used to utilize Dropmark, before its OSX application was published.

Dropmark for OSX is free to download and use (but you’ll need a free or pro Dropmark account). This is a small menu bar app which syncs with your Dropmark.com account. For example, once you click on its menu bar icon, you’ll get to see a list of collections (which could be also seen as folders) which are hiding bunch of files you’ve already uploaded. You can also create new collections, edit and even delete them. Also, this little app allows you share almost anything, right from your OSX. All you have to do is to drag-and-drop an item, and it will be automatically uploaded. You can even drag-and-drop items from any application, so for example you can select a whole iPhoto album and drag it over to Dropmark’s icon, and those pictures are going to be uploaded to your account. Even though this is just a small upload tool, it greatly enhanced the way I used Dropmark and saved me a lot of time.

As you can imagine, those Dropmark collections can be public or private. Either way, people who’d like to see those files can be invited via e-mail link, and those files are going to be shown via Dropmark’s website as embedded items. This applies to photos, videos, documents, maps, and even website links.

You can sign-up for a Dropbox account for free, which brings 250MB of storage. There’s also a PRO account which currently gives you 50GB of storage, custom username domains and more, and it’s priced at $48 annually.




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