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PROS: Nicely designed. Some interesting features.

CONS: No unified inbox. Serious performance issues.

evomail 3For quite some time, there were no interesting or innovative iOS e-mail clients. There was Apple’s Mail app which was used by many as their primary e-mail client, and it was unnecessary to install additional clients since you already got a functional one. Ever since Google created their own Gmail app, developers started to realize that many iOS users are interested in new e-mails clients, and that this movement can hold a significant profit for their companies. That’s why we’ve received several incredibly innovative apps during the last few months.

If you follow our articles, then you know we already reviewed majority of these newly popular e-mail clients. In this article we are bringing you yet another review of a very interesting iOS mail app, named Evomail. We are going to review its 1.2 version, which brings iPhone edition of this e-mail client. Upon its launch, this was a paid app, but right now it is completely free.

Evomail 1

Evomail is yet another e-mail client which only supports Gmail accounts. This can provide a very large user base, but I would like to see more applications embrace numerous e-mail services upon their launch. This app tries to bring a very clean and elegant interface, tight integration with Gmail’s native features, and comes with push notifications.

Speaking of its interface, it pretty much resembles Gmail and Mailbox in terms of colors, lines, and used fonts. There are small differences between these applications, but I guess that most users will gravitate towards the one which brings the most interesting features. Sadly, in most cases this won’t be Evomail, and here’s why.

Evomail 2

Evomail comes with interface divided into three parts. On the left, there’s a dark sidebar which shows your avatar, and two additional icons: inbox, and a “new message” icon. You can add several Gmail accounts, but in order to switch between those, you’ll need to tap on your avatar, and then choose another account. Also, there’s no unified inbox which could hold all your mails for all your accounts, which is a huge disappointment. I believe every new e-mail client should have included this feature by now. In the middle part there’s a column dedicated to e-mails and navigating through folders, and on the right there’s a reading pane.

One of those interesting things about Evomail is its compose pane, which is completely interface-independent. This means that while you write an e-mail, you’ll be able to go through folders and e-mails, and copy some content, and your e-mail won’t be disturbed during all that time.

Besides not having a unified inbox, this application also has some performance issues. I would understand if this is 1.0 version, but since we are reviewing 1.2, I hoped these issues would be resolved by now. Also, some users experienced issues connecting to their Gmail servers and sometimes Evomail can’t retrieve labels or suggested contacts. So I guess that there’s a long way for Evomail to beat Mailbox or Google’s Gmail, which are its main competitors.



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