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PROS: Advanced tools. Very fun to use. Lots of customization available.

CONS: Very crowded and messy interface.

FoxTube 1Watching YouTube videos on any iOS device wasn’t always easy. Sure, the first generation of iOS devices already came with Apple-designed YouTube app, which was severely limited in terms of functionality and interface design. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for most users was the fact that YouTube app was able to play only a portion of videos, and the search was extremely problematic. Luckily, Google has published its own YouTube app, which completely resolved any previously mentioned problem. If you take a look at its ratings and user reviews, you’ll see that most users are very happy with it.

With all this said in the previous paragraph, you might think that the story could end here. Now you’ve got Google-designed YouTube app which lets you fully enjoy content on any iOS device. However in this article we are going to review a very interesting application which brings some very advanced features in terms of watching YouTube content on iOS, and which could be a very good competitor to YouTube’s official app. The app we are talking about is called FoxTube and it is available on iPhone and iPad devices.

FoxTube 2

Simply said, FoxTube is YouTube on steroids. It brings so many interesting features that it would be really hard to mention and explain all of them in one article. Once you open FoxTube for the first time, you’ll be overwhelmed with buttons, menus and all kinds of different settings and options. So it is pretty much clear from the beginning that you’re dealing with a very powerful mobile application. On the other hand, this also means that its interface is very messy and crowded, and it takes time to get used to it. I believe that this application could greatly benefit from interface re-design, which is a very big and comprehensive task but is simply necessary in order to implement new features without “stacking it up” onto existing ones. I also noticed that FoxTube comes with a very odd looking iOS icon, which is overdue for re-design.

Once you decide to dig into this application, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its functionality. In comparison to official YouTube app, FoxTube brings permanent mini inline player, so you can watch or listen to any video while searching for a new one, or viewing other channels. Also, if you tap and hold, you’ll see a very helpful contextual menu with options to share, add to favorites, see related videos, and much more. For example, you can also do these actions within the official YouTube app, but this requires more time and more taps around the screen.

Another interesting aspect of FoxTube is its full-screen player which brings numerous advanced features. Once you open a video in full-screen mode, a vertical swipe across the left adjusts brightness, while the right swipe adjusts volume. There are also two vertical rows of tools like lock orientation, jump to segment, mirror a video, skip frames and other interesting features.

In case you’re in need of an advanced YouTube player, FoxTube is probably the best choice out there. It comes with a very messy interface, but is also packed with tons of useful features. You can purchase FoxTube for iPhone ($3), or an iPad version called FoxTube HD ($5).


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