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PROS: Nice idea. Works with any iOS device, and OS X as well.

CONS: Very expensive. Very large (long) if your use the Lightning port. Slow performance (USB 2.0).

i-FlashDrive HD 2We could write quite a lengthy article on how iOS can be used to increase productivity, get access to all kinds of entertainment, and do some pretty unbelievable things thanks to some 3rd party developers. There are also some things that most of us don’t like, and one of those things is how iOS is tightly controlled by Apple, and closed to any deeper changes. This is why many are turning to jailbreaking their devices, which allows them to install applications which couldn’t be found in iOS App Store. As you are probably aware of, jailbreaking isn’t permitted by Apple and you could lose warranty and even worse, permanently damage your iOS device.

In this article we are going to talk about a very interesting product, which promises a lot at a first sight. It is called i-FlashDrive HD and this is basically a flash drive for any iOS device which could be used to transfer files between any iOS-to-iOS or iOS-to-OS X device. I guess this is something that will be interesting for those who always complained that their iPhones/iPads can’t accept USBs or memory cards, which could massively increase storage at a very low price. Now let’s see how i-FlashDrive HD actually works and how much money you’ll need to spend to get some extra gigabytes on your iOS device.

i-FlashDrive HD 1

As it name says, i-FlashDrive HD is basically a USB stick. On one end you can find USB port, which is used to connect to OS X, while on the other end there’s 30-pin connector. You’ll also receive one additional adapter, so that i-FlashDrive HD can be also used with the Lightning port. This means that you’ll be able to use i-FlashDrive HD with any iOS and OSX device, so there are no compatibility issues.

i-FlashDrive HD 3

In order to actually browse files, you’ll need to download and use i-FlashDrive HD for iOS, which is completely free. This application lets you browse local and external storage, create folders and manage all those stored files. It also comes with a very simple text editor, so you open text files, or create and save new ones. One additional feature is called Contact Backup, which is nice but not really necessary. Your contacts are always being synced and backed-up via Apple’s iCloud, which makes this feature completely obsolete. At the end, i-FlashDrive HD for iOS also gives you access to your own Dropbox, which is another nice feature, even though Dropbox has its own fully functional iOS app.

I-FlashDrive HD is very interesting product, and it’s basically used to transfer files between iOS devices. If you think for a moment, Dropbox is doing exactly the same thing – and possibly faster, since i-FlashDrive HD uses USB 2.0 speeds which are not that impressive. Another major obstacle is price of this device, which is very high. It offers four models, where the lowest price is $100 for 8GB, and up to $330 for 64GB.


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