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  • Incipio’s LGND iPad case
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PROS: Quality made. Can be used as a stand as well. Affordable.

CONS: Easily wears out.

LGND 2Even though iPads are probably one of the most quality made tablets on the market, they still need some protection which will keep them scratch-free for a long time. It is also important to take care of iPad’s touchscreen, since this is where it holds most of its functionality, so in case you’d like to use your iPad for a while, you simply need to invest in a quality protection case.

Today we are going to talk about the latest Incipio’s product. This company is specialized in all kinds of cases and bags for Apple-made computers and handheld devices, even though Incipio also makes some basic audio equipment and iOS-compatible chargers. The product we are going to review in this article is called the LGND, and this is origami-style iPad folio case.


The LGND is made to be compatible with the third- and fourth-generation iPad. As we said earlier, this is a folio-style case which means that it covers iPad’s back and front side, and the tablet’s left side as well. It leaves open all the ports, buttons, and speaker. The backside of this case is very light and thin, so you won’t have any problems accessing all these ports and buttons. It is also important to say that even though its backside is thin around port openings, it is overall very firm and sturdy and I believe it will take care of your iPad for a long time.

The front side of LGND case is made of the same material found on its back, but as you can from the pictures, it is origami-like shaped. This means that you can fold it into two different positions and make it serve you as an iPad stand, which is a nice addition to a traditional tablet case. Both of these positions are made to be used with landscape-oriented iPad, so your tablet could be tilted at 20- and 45-degree angles. When you fold this case into a stand, its magnets are used to firm up this whole construction so I have to say that it keeps iPad firmly in its place.


Even though the LGND will keep your iPad safe from any external damages, and it can also serve as a reliable stand, this case does have some disadvantages. Simply said, it wears easily, and in order to make a permanent scratch on its front side you simply need to make a cut with your nail at a very mild pressure. This means that the LGND will be covered in scratches from its first day of use, and it will quickly lose its “brand new” look. What’s important to say is that even though it wears out rather quickly, this does not affect its protective function.

The Incipio’s LGND is priced at $35, and could be purchased in two materials: vegan leather and suede. Also, it comes in several colors like black, navy blue, gray, pick, and red.


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