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PROS: Very quality made. Natural leather and strong stitching. Durable and resistant. Affordable.

CONS: Interior coating should be a bit gentler. Makes your iPhone 5 about 50% thicker.

Kanam5 1These days the market is flooded with all kinds of iPhone and iPad cases. They come in all kinds of shapes, materials and colors, and one can spend quite some time searching for the perfect case. The reason for this incredibly wide choice of cases is actually in our own, individual taste. Some of us like plastic shells, others need durable aluminum protective cases, while there are those who are only interested in eco-friendly materials or textile sleeves.

I’ve been using an iPhone ever since its original generation, and I was never fond of cases or skins. For all these years, I’ve only had four cases, that is safe to say, a perfect fit formy iPhone. Now, since the iPhone 5 brought a new shape and thinness, this also means that we need to find the perfect case once again, which lead me to review Kanam5.

Kanam5 is designed and manufactured in USA, and made by Castello Davarg.  This case comes in a different shape than most cases. It is actually a wraparound cover to protect the front and back part of iPhone, as well as its right side. This means that it basically looks like a book, but only opens from its right side. The reason for this is that it leaves mute and volume control buttons uncovered, so you can easily use them. Even though this might seem a bit strange while you’re reading about it, this works very well in practice and you’ll adjust to it in a day or two. It also leaves a camera cutout on its back.

Kanam5 2

Once you hold it in your hand, you’ll see that the Kanam5 is a quality made product. Its outside layer is made of natural leather and feels great in hand. This also means that this case is made to be used for a very long time, and since the leather ages gracefully, you should expect that this case will look even better in the future. Stitching is nicely done, and I really don’t see that you can do some damage to this case even if you don’t care how you carry it and use. On the inside you’ll find a very thin layer of coating, which I believe should be a bit gentler since its covers the screen.

Also, we haven’t mentioned how you actually place your iPhone 5 into Kanam5. This case uses adhesive layer on its inner back side, so all you need is to clean the back of your Phone and gently place it onto that adhesive layer. This will hold your phone in its place very firmly. In case you’d like to remove your phone from the case, you simply peel it off and clean it again.

The Kanam5 case comes in three variants: karmel, tobac, and ember. It is currently priced at $45.


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