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PROS: Quality made. Interesting design. Amplifies sound significantly.

CONS: None.

AmpJacket 2A few days back we reviewed a very interesting case designed and sold by Kubxlab. As we said in that article, this is not quite known case manufacturer which is trying hard to offer something new to the market. Its wooden case really impressed us, even though we do have very strict criteria regarding iPhone cases. These are all the reasons why we were eager to test another one of their products, and this one is called the AmpJacket.

It’s interesting to note that the AmpJacket is completely different from the wooden case we’ve reviewed earlier. While the wooden case is made to be very light and elegant, the AmpJacket is made of rubber and its primary role is to amplify the sound coming from the iPhone’s built-in speaker. Continue reading to see how this case performs and if it’s worth checking it out.

The AmpJacket is made of hard rubber and plastics, and as you can see from the pictures, it features a very interesting and striking design. It doesn’t try to be thin and overly light, and it resembles those rugged cases which are made to be used outdoors. If you take a closer look at this case, you’ll clearly see an amplifier which stretches from the iPhone’s speaker to the backside, leaving large open space for the sound to resonate. And I am very happy to say that this amplifier actually works and that it makes sound significantly louder.

AmpJacket 1

There’s one important thing to say about this case and its built-in amplifier. It’s important to know that this amplifier, just like any other, won’t enhance iPhone’s sound quality, since it will only make it much louder. This said, you can probably get an idea where the AmpJacket can be helpful. For example, if you like listening to podcasts or simply watching YouTube videos, this case can be the perfect product for you. This way, sound can be very loud and you can fully enjoy a video you’re watching. Even Siri sounds much better while you’re using the AmpJacket. For those who like listening to music, it would be much better to invest your money into a wireless speaker. This way, you will save iPhone’s battery life and sound quality can be significantly better.

Besides making sound louder, this case also needs to fulfill its primary protective role. As you can see from the pictures, its backside is quite curved, so the backside of your iPhone will never touch any surface. The front side is also somewhat protected thanks to slightly protruded AmpJacket, even though you’ll still need an additional screen protector if you’d like to fully protect iPhone’s touchscreen. The AmpJacket seems very quality made and I assume that you’ll be using it for a long time, without any problems.

The AmpJacket is priced at $40, and it is available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 as well. It comes in numerous vibrant colors, so I guess that everyone can find the perfect choice.


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