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PROS: Beautifully designed. Very light and thin. Fits iPhone perfectly.

CONS: None.

iphone5 case 3When it comes to choosing the right iPhone case, some people are having a real trouble, including me. Since iPhone comes with such elegant lines, quality materials, and incredible thinness, it simply seems like a shame to put on a bulky plastic case around it. Sure, a case like this would protect your phone from scratches and any other kind of permanent marks and damages, but the question is if it’s really worth covering iPhone’s beautiful aesthetics simply to protect it. When you decide to sell your phone, it will look brand new, but this takes away everyday enjoyment in Apple’s own craftsmanship.

Ever since I started doing reviews for MacReview, I’ve only encountered a few cases which I really liked and which I would personally recommend to anyone. I don’t like most cases since they enhance iPhone’s functionality, make ports and buttons inaccessible, and sometimes add a lot of bulk and weight. But from time to time an interesting case pops up, leaving me impressed. And in this article I will be writing about one of those cases.

Kubxlab is not so known case manufacturer, even though they recently published several products which seem very interesting. One of those products is Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Case, which is its official name. This is a wooden-plastic case which gently protects your iPhone 5 without adding practically any weight nor bulk.

Kubxlab Case 1

First, let’s start off with its design. The Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Case is made of two parts, which are very well connected and which come as one unified piece. The back plate is made of wooden panel with the Kubxlab logo inset on its bottom part. Texture of the wood feels really nice under the fingers and even though this small panel is very thin, it seems very sturdy and strong. Also, this wooden back plate will protect your iPhone 5 from any scratches, and also provides very elegant and decorative effect.

Besides wooden back plate, this case also has a plastic bumper which covers four sides of your iPhone 5. There are very precisely cut openings for two volume buttons, the mute switch, and the power button. I was really impressed with how these openings were designed since they perfectly fit every button on my iPhone, and the best of all is that this bumper is so thin that buttons still manage to protrude over these holes. This is not the case with most similar products, where you need to learn how to control all these buttons with ease.

Ultathiniphonecase 2

To be honest, I don’t see any downsides with this iPhone case. It’s incredibly thin and light, so many iPhone 5 users are going to love it. This especially goes for people like me, who don’t like any added bulk or weight. This case actually makes your iPhone 5 look better. The only thing I could notice is that iPhone’s screen is fully exposed, so you’ll need a protective cover in case you’d like a full protection. For a price of $30 this seems like the very good choice.


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