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PROS: Easy and fun to use. Can be a very important workflow addition.

CONS: None.

Kuler 1Adobe Kuler is a web service used to create color palettes. This can be very helpful in case you use Adobe’s products on a daily basis, since Kuler works well with other Creative Suite applications. This was initially a product used to showcase Adobe’s technologies like Flash and AIR, and became quite popular over time, in its specific community of graphics designers. As is turns out, Adobe released Kuler for iOS a few days ago, and we took it for a test. Continue reading to see what this application has to offer.

Adobe’s Kuler for iOS doesn’t only bring its web interface to iOS, since it brings some new and very interesting features. This is still an application used to create color palettes, but now you can do that by using a picture on your iPhone. You can use any of those pictures stored on your phone, or a web service like Flickr. This application also has access to iPhone’s camera, so you can take a snapshot and continue working on developing your new palette.

Once you take a picture using Kuler, it will automatically chose dominant colors and show you a six-color palette. You will get to see which dominant colors are, thanks to small five circles on your picture, which can be further adjusted. Once you’re happy with these colors, you can use RGB switch with each of those to finely adjust the right tone. As you can see, in terms of creating a specific color palette, Kuler seems to be doing quite a good job.

Kuler 2

Another interesting thing is that Adobe already implemented some pre-set color rules, so you can choose to see monochromatic of complementary colors, for example. You can do the same job with Kuler’s website, but having an actual photo makes this job much more fun. Once you’re done playing around with color schemes, you name and upload them. This way, you can use Kuler’s online service to download these color swatches and use them with any of those numerous Creative Suite applications. This means that Kuler has an actual practical use, and many graphic designers are going to love it. Also, it’s completely free, which is an additional bonus.

It is important to say that Kuler isn’t only made for professionals who work in graphic design industry. This app is very user-friendly and can be used both by professionals and average iPhone users. It doesn’t come stuffed with complicated and graphic-specific terms, even though more demanding users will also be happy with Kuler’s fine detailing abilities.

Finally, it is nice to imagine how this application can find its role in our everyday lives. For example, you can use Kuler’s ability to create complementary color swatches in case you’d like to paint your home, and choose colors that will fit the best with your existing tones. Also, hobbyists can use Kuler with their own projects, which can lead to some very interesting ideas.


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