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PROS: Very affordable. Offers plenty of OSX-exclusive features. Great performance.

CONS: Provided documentation is insufficient, so you’ll need to use LaCie’s support to find out more.

cloudboxNo matter which Mac you own, you can surely benefit from an external storage unit. It is always a good idea to have one, since this way you can do back-ups and always keep those important files safe and secure.

In case you’re interested in purchasing an external storage, there’s a huge choice of available models. Some of them offer basic USB 2.0 connection, while some can offer USB 3.0, but in general these models are made for Windows PCs. In case you’d like to fully utilize OS X power, we recommend using one of those new Thunderbolt-ready drives, which are made to be fully compatible with OS X and are able to produce incredible data speeds. Somewhere between these models you can find a wide array of interesting solutions, of which some combine local and cloud storage. In this article you’ll be able to read about one of those models, which comes from LaCie. This drive is called CloudBox.

CloudBox has been around for over two years now, and its first generation failed to achieve the mainstream success (even though it was very popular in some markets). The newest generation offers the same old award-winning design, but comes with many enhanced features and most importantly, it is made to offer some OS X-exclusive features.

CloudBox 1

You will be able to purchase 1TB ($120), 2TB ($150), 3TB (180$), and 4TB ($250) models which all include 10GB of free cloud storage (for a period of one year). Older models came with 1:1 ration of local:cloud storage, but as you can see, LaCie now decided to give you plenty of local storage, while you can always purchase additional cloud storage using LaCie’s division Wuala. This is a good thing, since the initial investment is affordable, and you can buy as much cloud storage as you possibly need in the future.

The initial setup on OS X is fairly simple, and you can even use LaCie’s Network Manager which provides a real help. This also means that you can connect CloudBox only to your router via Ethernet port, since there are no USB or Thunderbolt ports available. Another interesting thing is that CloudBox is fully OS X compatible right out of its box, since it will easily show up in your Finder as a network drive. In case you’d like use Apple’s Time Machine, you’ll also be able to do that without any prior formatting.

CloudBox 2

As you’re aware by now, CloudBox is an external storage solution, but which connects via network to all computers in your household. In case multiple users would like to use Time Machine backups, CloudBox will provide so. Also, each user will be able to create its own private folder, as well as a shared folder where you can easily share files between multiple Macs. And finally, it is also important to note that CloudBox supports iTunes Home Sharing feature, so media files stored on this drive can be accessed via iTunes on any OS X and iOS device as well.



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