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PROS: Incredibly helpful. Security slot works very well. Very convenient. Quality made. Affordable.

CONS: None.

LandingZone 3If you spend your workday in front of a notebook, you have probably dealt with clutter on your desk. No matter what Apple notebook you use, you still need to plug in MagSafe adapter and use extra USB ports for mouse and printer connections. This does not only create clutter on your desk, but would also take time to plug in all the peripherals and disconnect them once you have finished the workday.

In this article you’ll be able to read how to make that clutter disappear, in case you use Apple’s MacBook Air. This product is called the LandingZone and this is basically a docking station which provides all the needed ports and the Kensington security slot as well. We are going to review 1.0 PRO model which costs $180, but you will be able to purchase more affordable as well more expensive version, and we will explain differences with those variants.

LandingZone 2

The LandingZone was a Kickstarter project, but since then it grow into a full-featured line of products. It does work well and it is usable in many situations, so I guess these are the main reasons why people love these products.

This docking station is made to be compatible with various MacBook Air models. You simply place that thin backside of a notebook into two small rubber ends located on the LandingZone. This will match up ports on your notebook with those ports located on the backside of this dock, and once you’ve set it up, the LandingZone will tightly squeeze your notebook. When you decide to eject it, simply pull a plastic loop on the backside, and your MacBook Air will be ready to go. Process of positioning and ejecting will take 10 to 20 seconds in the beginning, but once you practice it a bit, it will take only a second.

LandingZone 1

A version named 1.0 PRO can be used with MacBooks released from 2010 up to mid-2012. It brings Kensington security lock, which is a big plus. It also features 10/100 Ethernet port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and MiniDiplay ports which supports Apple’s Thunderbolt display. It also offers MagSafe pass-through. This basically means that you can use the LandingZone to accept all peripherals, which saves you a lot of time and effort and liberates you of plugging in numerous devices each time you decide to use them with your notebook. The Kensington lock is also a huge advantage, and works incredibly well. It will take a lot of strength and time for someone to break this connection and take away your notebook.

In case you’d like a more affordable version, you can purchase 2.0 LITE version which costs $100. It doesn’t come with a security slot, and brings only 2 USB ports. On the other hand, 2.0 PRO version ($200) brings USB 3.0 slots, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. You should also know that not all of these versions work with all MacBook Air models, so I recommend finding out which exact model you’ve got before making a purchase.



  1. I bought this device in 2014 and was struck by it’s simple design and function. It worked very well until quite recently it has gradually lost the ethernet function and finally some USB functionality. I finally disconnected it just last week.

    I contacted LandingZone support, expecting the indifferent, rote response typical of the industry. Much to my surprise the agent I reached, Logan, not only quickly performed an initial assessment but also found a record of my purchase (I had long since lost my receipt). To my great surprise he immediately arranged shipping to LandingZone with the explanation they would test the device in the same configuration I use then replace it with another, also configured to my setup.

    The same day they received the device I received an email that reads as follows: “Our RMA department received your returned unit and have completed testing. They found that the USB 3.0 Hub is not showing up properly and the Ethernet chipset is showing up under the USB 2.0 Hub instead of the USB 3.0 Hub. This means that the LandingZone is defective and we need to send you a replacement.

    Please provide us with the shipping address that you would like your replacement unit to be sent to. Our RMA department will test your replacement unit in a similar environment to your own. Once we ship it out, we will provide you with a UPS tracking number.”

    This is nothing short of incredible.

    My sincere thanks to Logan and LandingZone; they are assured of my continued patronage and I will absolutely recommend them to anyone who will listen.


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