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PROS: Beautifully designed interface.

CONS: No Markdown. Very basic search. Occasional bugs and crashes.

lenoteHaving a simple note taking app should be something we all have on our computers and smartphones. There are all kinds of note taking apps, from those minimalistic and basic ones, up to very complex and cross-platform applications like Evernote, for example. It is very hard to say which type of a note taking app should be considered as essential, since we all got different habits and needs, as well as a sense of aesthetics.

In this article we are bringing you an application made for those who appreciate minimalistic design and simplicity in function. This note taking app is called Lenote, and could be downloaded for free, using the Mac App Store.

Designing very simplistic and minimalistic application is not as easy as it might seem. It is important to achieve that fine balance between stripped down interface and power to produce valuable results. Having that in mind, it could be said that Lenote brings all the essential features that you might expect from a note taking app, and allows you to focus on your writing, especially in its full-screen mode.

Lenote 2

Once you open Lenote for the first time, you’ll be immediately ready to start using it. This means that its basic controls are very intuitive and easy to understand. You’ll basically get to use left-positioned sidebar which holds your notebooks and notes, while the rest of its screen is dedicated to your writing. Lenote comes with very light grey backdrop, while letters are strikingly black, which creates very pleasurable contrast.

As we said earlier, Lenote lets you create notes which need to be a part of a notebook. You can view, create and edit new entries by clicking on “All Notes” which produces a drop-down menu of all relevant options. System which Lenote uses is pretty basic and very similar to Apple’s own Notes app. The only addition is ability to create notebooks which allows you to categorize articles and find your way through your notes a bit easier. There’s also a search bar where you can search for a note. I hope future updates will include tags, for example. Also, I hoped I would be able to easily drag-and-drop notes between notebooks, but I wasn’t able to. In case you’d like to do this, I believe you need to create a new note, and that copy-and-paste its contents.

Lenote 1

In case you’re used to writing text using Markdown syntax, Lenote will be a disappointment. Even though Lenote supports some very basic Markdown, it won’t produce usable results in case you export a note in HTML or PDF format. I know this is a free app, and that most Markdown editors are paid applications, but I was still disappointed to see that Markdown is so basically supported by this app.

In case you’re looking for a very simple note taking app, I would still recommend Apple’s own Notes. Even though Lenote is created with a very interesting idea on mind, it is still a very basic and doesn’t offer any a bit more advanced features. For example, Apple’s Notes also doesn’t support Markdown, but it works well in OSX – iOS communication.



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