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PROS: Beautifully designed interface. Lots of useful gesture controls. Dropbox syncing.

CONS: A few annoying bugs. Lack of advanced features.

Listacular 2Everyone who already owns an iPhone has a chance of using Apple’s own Reminders app. This is Apple’s response to an iOS to-do application which could be considered as essential for every iPhone user. In fact, this is a very competitive piece on the market, and you can easily see that within iOS App Store where you can find hundreds of very useful to-do apps. This led to a new generation of iOS apps which are now trying to attract new users by providing some advanced features like voice recognition and geo-fenced reminders.

In this article we are going to review an app named Listacular (for Dropbox), which is a completely free iOS to-do application. This is a very cleverly made app which is in direct competition with Apple’s Reminders. This is an app for those who don’t like skeuomorphic design of Reminders, and who need a few advanced features which could not be found in Apple’s own to-do solution.

As the name says, Listacular uses Dropbox to sync notes and to-do items across iOS devices. It also means that you’ll need a Dropbox account, but I guess most future users will be well aware of that, since this app is very nicely explained in its iOS App Store section.

Listacular 1

The first thing I liked about Listacular is its flat and very interesting design. If you’ve read about upcoming iOS7, than you already know that Apple’s future Reminders will look this way, but Listacular has been around for a while and brought flat interface design way before Apple. Once you’ve signed-in using your Dropbox credentials, you’ll be able to add new folders and within them you can add new to-do lists. While you’re adding a new list or a note, you’ll be surely surprised how Listacular provides plenty of formatting options, some of which are preloaded styles, checkboxes and bullets, and much more. This is not something you can see in every iOS to-do app. Overall, this is one of the most beautifully designed to-do apps for iOS, and features striking balance of flat design and very promising usability.

Another interesting thing about Listacular is its gesture support, which is similar to any of those newly designed iOS e-mail clients. This means that you can swipe to the right to check an item off, or if you continue swiping it, you will delete it. You can reorder items by tapping and dragging across the screen. Another tip is about reorganizing lists between folders, which could be done by swiping to the left while you’re in the app’s main screen.

For a free application, Listacular brings a lot. In fact, I think it is much better than most $1-$2 apps, and this is its main selling point. I really like its flat design, beautiful fonts, and very powerful formatting options, and those gesture controls are really fluid and work well. What I would like to see in the future is a voice recognition support, and perhaps a location based reminders.


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