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PROS: Quality made. Beautifully designed. Comfortable to use.

CONS: Heavy and thick. Odd keyboard layout. Only one viewing angle available.

FabricSkin 1If you’re interested in buying a keyboard for your iPad, you will be surprised with how many models are out there. It seems that these days the market is crowded with iPad accessories, that comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Having a keyboard seems like a very good idea in case you’re interested in typing documents or doing a lot of web browsing on a daily basis. Even though iPad is enjoyable to use on its own, having a good keyboard is simply essential in case you’d like to use your tablet in the long term.

In this article we are bringing you a review of the latest Logitech’s attempt to design an iPad keyboard. We reviewed several Logitech’s products, made for iOS devices, and in general we were happy with them. The keyboard we’re reviewing today is called FabricSkin, and could be purchased for $150.

It is very clear that the FabricSkin is made to resemble Microsoft’s Surface keyboard.  This way, Logitech decided to implement some of Microsoft’s aesthetics and make something that will appeal to iPad users.

After reviewing several of their products, it has become clear that Logitech is working hard to build a certain image. This image reflects quality made products, and very tactile and nicely looking materials. The FabricSkin is clearly made in this manner, since this is a very well manufactured product. Its outer shell is very hard yet flexible, so I assume that you’d get to use this case without any problems for a very long time. It comes in several colors, and these variants actually come in several different material combinations. Most of them come with hard polycarbonate outer shells, while the other side can be made of very soft leather or even cotton. You can find blue, orange, black, grey, yellow, and red variant (some editions are only available in certain regions).

FabricSkin 2

Even though this is a quality made product, there are some things I didn’t like. It is clear that FabricSkin is heavier than most iPad cases, and it is actually heavier than iPad itself. This will be a problem for some potential users, so it is important to notice this issue.

Speaking of functionality, FabricSkin uses Bluetooth to achieve connection between a keyboard and an iPad. Every single key is slightly raised, and hides mechanical switches underneath. This means that you can hear that soft clicking while you type, and that is a nice thing. Also, it is covered with water-resistant coating, easily washable with a soft cloth. A nice addition is a set of magnets that detects when iPad is not in use, which automatically turns off the keyboard, this helps to save some power. According to Logitech, battery life is 2-3 months long, if you use this keyboard for two hours per day.

The only issue with this keyboard is a bit odd key layout, because it requires some time to get used to. Also, this case provides only one viewing angle, which is a shame since we all use iPads a bit differently.


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