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PROS: Ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone.

CONS: Unattractive design. Cheap looking.

Magnetyze 2If you like to follow news regarding the future Apple products, you probably know about those numerous rumors and predictions which start to circle around the web months before an actual product is being officially introduced by Apple. Since this is one of the most secretive companies, it’s very hard to successfully predict the way future products will develop, but on the other hand, this is a great way to see what users would like to see in the future.

For a while now, Apple fans are anticipating wireless charging, which has been famously introduced by the latest Nokia’s flagship smartphones. This charging technology has its “cool” factor, and in general it can be helpful, but this is the technology which is still being developed and which can create a revolution sometime in the future.

The good news for those who’d like to use wireless (inductive) charging on their iPhones is that such product already exists and can be used with iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s called Magnetyze, and it can be purchased for $60. Keep reading and we’ll explain how this system works and if it’s really worth its price.

Magnetyze 1

Magnetyze is a system consisting of a case and a charging dock. This case can be used just like any other iPhone case, and protects your phone from any external damages. It adds some bulk to your iPhone, as well as some weight, so it’s not for those who like those elegant and thin cases. A reason for added bulk and weight is magnetic mechanism located on the back, which is used to firmly attach itself to Magnetyze stand and inductively transfer power to your iPhone.

Once you bring your iPhone (which is already placed into Magnetyze case) near Magnetyze stand, these two are going to snap to each other. This connection is incredibly strong thanks to those magnets on the back of your phone. This also initiates charging as well as iTunes syncing if you’ve connected this stand to your Mac. There’s also included AC adapter, so you can charge your phone directly from the wall socket.

This whole system seems a bit bulky, and what I would like to see is more elegance and a bit more attractive design. It’s great that now you can wirelessly charge your iPhone, but this shouldn’t come with such a great price in terms of so many compromises. I also didn’t appreciate cheap-looking plastic design of Magnetyze stand, and I’ve seen many iOS stands which are designed in a similar manner, but which are far more attractive.

Finally, there’s a small problem with magnets, since they are too strong. I guess it’s better for these to be strong instead of dropping your iPhone every time you try to connect it, but once again, a better compromise should have been made. This way you’ll need to firmly grip this stand each time you want to pull your iPhone away from it.

Magnetyze system has a lot of potential, and it brings something new to the market. However, it seems to me that many compromises had to be made, of which some were really bad decisions.




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