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PROS: Beautifully designed.

CONS: Offers only one viewing angle. Uncomfortable for a long-term use.

Magnus 2If you’re one of those who agree on that iPad can replace a notebook in many ways, than you probably know how important it is to have a suitable stand for your tablet. In case you own an iPad-compatible keyboard, you can really do a lot of work on your tablet, everything from text editing, web browsing, up to image and video composing. Besides having a good and comfortable keyboard, an iPad stand is also essential since its transforms your iPad into a touch-screen monitor and it also keeps it firmly in place.

A good iPad stand should be made to last for a long time, it also needs to be nicely designed, and finally it needs to provide functionalities like multiple viewing angles, to name one example. It is not that easy to find the most useful iPad stand, and it takes time to inspect and do some research on this product category. That’s why it’s useful to read reviews like this one, since this can quickly help you find the right product.

Today we are going to review an iPad stand named Magnus, which is made by Ten One Design. This is a very minimalistic magnetic stand, which is priced at $50.

Magnus scr1

As you can see from the pictures, this is one of the most interestingly designed iPad stands. It perfectly complements an iPad in its lines and curves, color, and a material. This stand uses magnets inside your iPad to keep it firmly in its place, and it’s doing a good job at that. There’s also a rubberized feet on the bottom, so it’s gentle to your tablet and won’t scratch it even after long-term use.

According to One Ten Design, this product was made to be fully recyclable. Its body is made of recycled aluminum, nickel-plated neodymium, and recyclable plastics. Its box is also made to be fully recyclable, so I guess that every design aspect of this product is fully compatible with Apple’s own eco-friendly philosophy. Final polish is done by hand, and this is all clearly visible once you take it in your hand, since this really is a very quality made product.

When it comes to any product, its design is only a portion of a final grade. It is important how functional that particular product is, and if it solves some practical problems. Sadly, the Magnus stand is beautifully designed, but seriously lacks functionality. Its biggest downside is that it supports only one viewing angle, and can be only used while iPad is in landscape orientation. This is why the Magnus won’t fit to all of us, since we all need a bit different viewing angle in order to comfortably work while typing on a keyboard. Even if you don’t have a keyboard and only use touch interface, this stand will be inconvenient for any long-term use.


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