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PROS: Interesting idea. Has some potential.

CONS: Very serious issues. Glitches and bugs. Completely unreliable. Overpriced.

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With every new iOS e-mail client that appears in the iOS App Store, I feel more hope that I’ll find an app which will replace old-fashioned Apple’s Mail app. Even though Apple’s Mail will receive a major overhaul in iOS7, these days it’s still outdated and to be completely honest – there are several much better solutions for everyday e-mail handling. If you follow, you’ve had a chance of reading several reviews about the newest additions to a world of iOS e-mail clients, so you could’ve seen that things have gotten really interesting lately.

Today we are going to review yet another iOS e-mail client which is bringing something new and interesting, and which looks really ambitious at a first sight. This app is called Mail Pilot and could be purchased from the iOS App Store for $15.

What’s interesting about Mail Pilot is that it allows you to choose when to deal with a certain e-mail message, and gives you plenty of different options for keeping your inbox clean and organized. To understand better how this application works, you should imagine that every new e-mail which comes to your inbox is a new unfinished task. This said, you can decide to do one of these three actions: you can file an e-mail away for another day (or indefinitely); send an e-mail to one of Mail Pilot’s lists; and finally, you can mark a message as done, archived, or deleted. In other words, this is a very interesting combination of an e-mail client and a to-do app, so you’ll feel obligated to deal with every single message in your inbox. In theory this all sounds like a very good idea, since there’s no way of missing an important message, and this allows you to easily stay on top of things. In practice, you’ll deal with many problems on the way.

Mail Pilot 2

The biggest issue I’ve had with Mail Pilot is incomplete server communication which made some of my e-mails disappear, or when I store a message to a certain list – it wouldn’t even show up there. I’ve also realized that this is the exact issue most users are dealing with, so I consider this to be a very big flaw.

Also, there’s another annoying issue since it seems that Mail Pilot automatically creates an array of folders which are needed for this app to function. These folders are not going to be visible in Mail Pilot, since they are used as lists and rules, but you’ll be able to see those folders if you’re using a desktop e-mail client. I am someone who really likes keeping things organized, and seeing that Mail Pilot made a mess out of my e-mail account made me very dissatisfied.

Even though this application does have a great potential, it seems that it’s still in its early beta phase. This is even more shocking once you see that developers are charging $15 for this app, which is full of issues and bugs.


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