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  • Last modified: Nov 9, 2013

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PROS: Fully functional keyboard. Comfortable to use.

CONS: Weak construction. Cheap-looking design. A bit overpriced.

nuu_minikey01I think that most of us are perfectly satisfied with iPhone’s virtual keyboard, no matter if you use the latest (stretched) iPhone or an older generation. I also believe that there are those who are willing to try some type of a psychical keyboard since iPhone’s stretched screen can be a big uncomfortable for some. Also, there are those who used smartphones with psychical keyboards for a very long time, and now having to get used to iOS’ on-screen keys can be a bit of a challenge. Well, if you’re one of those iPhone users, there’s a solution.

The NUU MiniKey is a physical keyboard made for iPhone 5, and it is priced at $60. This product actually came as a next generation of NUU’s iPhone 4 keyboard, which was a quality made product and which received many positive ratings. Now it’s time to see if the newest generation of MiniKey will continue to be a success.

Basic CMYK

The MiniKey is actually a clip-on case which comes with sliding keyboard. Just by looking at it, this keyboard seems like a very good idea, and even though I don’t mind using iOS’ virtual keyboard, I could see myself using this product on a daily basis. Once you get a closer look, you’ll see that things are not as perfect as they seem. Even though its sliding mechanism works well, there is a gap which lets dust and dirt get into this case and onto keys, even while keyboard is hidden. I also assume that this gap can cause some problems in the long run, since this can lead to some damages and scratches and it could weaken this whole sliding construction. On the other hand, the MiniKey is made of a very hard plastics, and I believe its outer shell will stay intact for a long time. Also, it can be only purchased in black color, so owners of white iPhones don’t have any choice.

MiniKey 2


The MiniKey comes with all those keys you would normally expect, but most of them also offer more than one function. This way you’ll get to use navigation arrows, common symbols, and playback controls, and there’s also a dedicated Home key. In order to use MiniKey keyboard, you’ll need to pair it via Bluetooth, and there’s also ON/OFF switch which lets you save some power. Speaking of its battery life, it comes with 380mAh battery which could be recharged via USB. It takes a while until battery is fully charged (three to four hours), and for an average user it will last for about a week. It is also important to say that the MiniKey comes with backlit keys, and you can even adjust its brightness, so you can really save some battery life and make this keyboard work longer.


The MiniKey can be a nice addition to iPhone 5, but the main problem is its weak construction and existence of gap between a keyboard and a case. On the other hand, it is fully functional and comfortable for use.