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PROS: Excellent sound quality.

CONS: Plain design. Annoying initial AirPlay setup. Badly designed iOS app.

airmax 3If you’ve got a large iTunes library, you are probably keeping it in sync with your iOS devices. In order to fully enjoy all this music, videos, movies, and TV shows, you will need a quality pair of headphones, or even better – a quality wireless speaker.

During the last couple of years, a very wide range of wireless speakers appeared, which now come in various price ranges. These prices depend on product’s design and included streaming technologies. Most wireless speakers use Bluetooth connectivity, which is made to work with any Bluetooth-equipped device, meaning that you can use it not only with your iOS device, but also with any Android, Windows Phone or any other platform. In case you’re searching for a dedicated iOS-compatible speaker, you should be looking for an AirPlay product, which supports only Apple-made devices and premium streaming technology. This also means that AirPlay-ready speaker costs a bit more, so this could be a very serious investment.

We already reviewed a lot of interesting AirPlay-ready speakers right here on MacReview.com, and I warmly recommend reading some of those articles in case you’re looking for a quality product. In this article you will be able to read about Minx Air 100, which is a wireless speaker made by Cambridge Audio.

Minx Air 100 1

The Minx Air 100 comes with AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity, which is a nice addition. For its price of $500, I guess that most people will buy it mostly because of its AirPlay support.

The first thing I noticed about the Minx Air 100 is its plain design. Premium priced speakers tend to have very original and sometimes lavish designs, which simply captures viewers’ attention. This is a classically design speaker which comes with cheap-looking remote, so design is certainly not its most prominent selling point.

Also, the initial AirPlay setup is somewhat unnecessarily complicated. Most premium priced speakers come with their own setup apps, which are used to simplify this whole process. You won’t find such an app with the Minx Air 100, and you’ll need to use its web-based management pages to achieve connection.

Minx Air 100 2

On the other hand, there’s an iOS app for this speaker, and it’s called Minx Air for iPhone. This app can be used to stream preloaded internet radio stations, and you can also add your own. As you can imagine, you can also use it to adjust the volume and equalizer settings, and that’s just about it. Once again, this app is very confusing and comes with lots of unneeded graphic elements, and simply said – it looks outdated. This is something that should not be associated with a premium product.

At the end, a few words on Minx’s sound performance, which turns out to be its best side. Just like you can expect from AirPlay, sound quality is really good and sound can be very loud for a speaker of this compact size. It is also able to produce very noticeable bass, which was a nice surprise.

With all this said, even with its excellent performance, this speaker is quite overpriced. Its design is plain and overly simplified, and comes with amateurishly designed iOS app.



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