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PROS: Very functional. Easy to use. Nicely designed. No performance issues.

CONS: None.

Moment 3According to the latest official statistics (as of March, 2013) Facebook is being actively used by over 1.1 billion users. Even though this statistics uses the term “users” instead of accounts, it is believed that Facebook does have over one billion accounts, so either way it could be said that there are hundreds of millions who are logging into this social network on a daily basis.

These numbers made Apple take care of iOS and OS X integration, where Facebook became integral part of these systems during the last year. However, this integration is still a pretty much a basic one, since you can’t use any of those a bit more advanced features like tagging your friends in your posts, or creating a new photo album right from your OS X – to name just a few examples. This is exactly why you can find lots of Facebook-ready applications which are providing deeper OS X integration. All of these apps could be found within the Mac App Store, and they usually cost only a few dollars which makes them very usable for someone who uses Facebook on a daily basis.

Moment 1

Today we are going to review an application called Moment, made by Tapmates. Moment could be seen as an ultimate Facebook app, which brings very deep and advanced integration within OS X. Currently, it is priced at $4, which is its introductory price, and will be regularly priced at $8.

Moment is yet another menu bar Facebook application, but it’s nicely designed and fits into overall OS X aesthetics. Once you open Moment for the first time, you’ll need to go through initial setup, where you’ll need to enter your Facebook credentials, and you’ll be able to see a very short tutorial on all the ways you can use this application. After that, Moment will always sit in your menu bar and will be ready to serve you with a click of a mouse.

Moment 2

When you click on a Moment’s icon, you’ll see a drop-drop window of notifications which are directly related to you. It means that you’ll be able to see comments and likes of your pictures, as well as some private messages. From here, you can also post a new status (where you can tag your friends as well) and add some geotagging and visibility (privacy) options. Once you decide to upload pictures or videos, you can simply drag-and-drop them onto Moment’s menu bar icon, and you’ll see an interface where you can adjust further options. This is where you can choose an existing album, or you can create a new one. Once again, you’ll be able to tag your friends, tie photos to a status, and add geotagging and privacy info.

In terms of usability, Moment brings all the needed Facebook integration with all the options you will possibly need. It also brings nicely designed interface, which is very user friendly and easy to use. So the conclusion is that $4 (and even its regular price of $8) is well worth it.


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