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PROS: Interestingly designed. Can be useful.

CONS: Limited. Tiles (fields) and not interactive as they seem on a first sight.

Morning 1When multitasking became available on iOS, Apple said that it was “true multitasking”, which was a reflection of how Apple looked at this technology which is also available on any other mobile platform like Android OS and Windows Phone. It’s interesting to see how all of those three multitasking features work, since they’re all made with different ideas on mind.

You can currently catch a commercial made by Microsoft which is telling that its Windows (Phone) features “true multitasking”, meaning that you can actively use two applications at the same time – in contrast to iOS, where you can easily switch between apps, but you can’t use them simultaneously. This really made me wonder how Apple’s idea of multitasking is limited and that it perhaps needs a redesign.Then I’ve discovered an app which made me believe that developers can help us get the most out of iOS by providing us interesting and unique interfaces. This app is called Morning and it brings all necessities within one window. Now let’s see what this app is really about.

Morning 2

Morning (currently priced at $3) brings eight customizable panels, where you place six of those on your screen and see them at the same time (which is only one of many different layouts). These panels are: Weather, Reminders, Commute, News, Calendar, Stocks, Countdown, and Date/Time. Now you can see why I talked about Apple’s idea of multitasking, since Morning allows you to use Weather and Reminders (for example) at the same time and without switching between two or more apps.

As you can see from the screenshots, developers decided to bring us a very casual interface with bright colors and playful fonts. I believe most people will find this interface very interesting, but I would like to see some other themes which could make this app look a bit more serious. You can pick six tiles to show on your screen, where two of those are going to be large and shown in the upper part, and four small tiles will spread across the bottom half. Naturally, if you choose a tile to be bigger, you’ll get more information from it, which is not the case if you place it among those four small tiles.

Morning 3

It seems that this app is made to slightly resemble those active tiles in Windows 8, and to give iPad users ability to enjoy in that kind of interface. In reality, these aren’t “active titles” and there’s not much you can do with them. For example, the most interactive tile is RSS feed reader, where you can scroll and then open Safari to read an article. The rest of tiles are pretty much just sitting there.

This application can really offer a lot, and I like the general idea of it. I also believe that there are numerous changes to be made and new features to be built, and there’s also an issue with interactivity. With all this said, I would still recommend this app if it came free of charge, but since it’s priced at $3 (which is its introductory price, by the way) I would suggest a deeper look to see it if really fits your individual needs.


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