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PROS: Gives accurate and detailed info. Easy to use.

CONS: Ported iOS interface. Annoying demo version.

Parcel 3In case you send and receive a lot of packages, or if you’re in a business which strictly needs to control all the shipments, it’s essential to have a package tracking app. Most of these applications work the similar way, by keeping track of a specific tracking number and automatically retrieving additional info from the web.

No matter if you use OSX or iOS, there’s a very nice choice of available package tracking applications. Main differences between these is in their interface and some additional features which are designed by those creative developers. Since most tracking applications work the same way, these small details and enhanced features are their main selling points, so keep an eye on these areas.

Parcel is already popular iOS package tracking app, which now received its OSX version which we are going to review in this article. This application is free to download and use, but this version is limited (which is the same version found in the Mac App Store). Annual subscription costs $2, and brings several unlocks, so this is basically a paid app. This means that you basically download a limited demo version from Apple servers.

Parcel scr2

Once you open Parcel for the first time, you’ll need to create a new account. In case you already used its iOS version in the past, you can login using your old credentials. This will lead you to its main interface, which very closely resembles its iOS interface. These similarities could be noticed in those large orange bars in the upper part of its window, as well as array of iOS icons for adding new items, refreshing data, sharing and deleting info. Even though Parcel comes with pleasurable looking interface, I would have preferred if developers designed more OSX-friendly graphics and not mimic its iOS version.

In order to add a new entry, simply click on that small plus sign and you’ll get a new drop-down window where you need to add a tracking number. Parcel will try to determine which courier is handling that shipment, and in most cases it will succeed in choosing the right one. You can also do this manually, since Parcel comes preloaded with 180 delivery services. Once you’ve added this info, you can go to its main window where you’ll see all the information. Parcel is able to show you a very detailed path of your shipment, as well as dates and times of important checkpoints. You should also know that this info is determined by a courier, so sometimes you’ll receive incredibly detailed info, while sometimes you will be able to see only one of two checkpoints.

Parcel 1

Parcel’s demo version comes with ability to track up to three entries. You will need to pay $2 annually to fully unlock this application, which brings unlimited entries and a notification system.

The bottom line is Parcel’s demo version is very limited and not that useful, and sometimes it even comes with those annoying ads. If you choose to buy its affordable premium package, you’ll get to use a very useful application.


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