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PROS: Very easy to use. Nicely integrates into every workflow. Highly customizable.

CONS: Overpriced.

Phlo 1A while back, several search engines found their way into OS X. This is simply because you open at least one of the major search engines several times a day, if not every time you open your default web browser. This translated into OS X and iOS as well, as well as into numerous applications which also offer (at least) Google to search for some stuff right within their own window. Speaking of that wide system integration, Spotlight is able to search the web using Google and other engines with some tweaking. There are also numerous 3rd party applications like Alfred, which is incredibly comprehensive application, or a simple search bar-style apps which are called upon using a shortcut.

Today we are going to show you one of those simple applications, which could be really useful in case you use any of those search engines numerous times a day. This is a very simple application which simply opens up a small search box on your desktop, from where you can enter what you’re searching for. This app is called Phlo, it is priced at $4 and it is available through Mac App Store.

In order to search for something using the Phlo, you’ll need to open it. You can do this by clicking on its dock or menu bar icon, but I would recommend a much more convenient way – using a keyboard shortcut. You can actually set up your OS X to open up Phlo using assigned keyboard shortcut, so you can always have this application right under your fingertips. Since I do a lot of search using OS X’s Spotlight, I’ve made two very similar shortcuts which I easily use whenever I want, and have both of these options just a click away.

Phlo scr2

Once you’ve opened Phlo, you’ll see a very simple search bar. On the left, you can enter the information you search for, while the right side of this bar is used to select which search engine you’d like to use. This is probably the strongest selling point of this application. Once downloaded, Phlo comes with a very large database of search engines, and you can always easily add your own engines or remove the ones you don’t use. I guess this could be especially helpful for non-English speaking countries and regions, where you can add your local search engine. Once you’ve typed in some text and after you’ve chosen the search engine (which is optional), simply press Enter and your default web browser will open up with the results for your search.

As you can see, this is extremely simple application, but which could be a time-saver in most everyday situations. A big plus is ability to add your own preferred search engines, so every user around to world can set it up, which is not something you can always see from this application type. The negative side is its price, since I believe it’s highly overpriced for a simple application.


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