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PROS: Pixelmator’s continuous development. Excellent Shape Tools and improved drawing and type tools.

CONS: None.

Pixelmator 2When it comes to image editors, the Mac App Store offer excellent applications that are reasonably priced. Some of these apps even comes for free, and it sets up the bar to a higher level for newly published editors.

During the last couple months we reviewed a lot of interesting and popular image editors, and while some failed to impress us, there are also a few that can be considered as goldmines for Mac users. One of those well-known image editors, that you probably heard of is Pixelmator. We reviewed freshly published 2.0 version sometime last year, in October, and we were very impressed with it. This is an excellent application, attractive and functional yet simplified interface for users.  Because of this, it is considered as one of the most functional image editors. Now, a few days ago a new version (update) was published – it fixed some bugs and bought out additional tools.  A 2.2 version, known as Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry.


Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry keeps the interface intact,  in addition to new buttons and icons. You can still turn on all the needed toolbars and sidebars, giving you the ultimate freedom to organize your own workspace. Once you dig into it, you’ll see some new features like advanced shape insertion and editing, new Color Popovers contains color switches, improved drawing and type tools, and a new retro photo filter. So let’s see what exactly these new features do.

I would say that the biggest addition to this version of Pixelmator is the way this application handles shapes. First of all, you’ll receive a little bit over 40 preloaded custom shapes that are contained within new Shapes Palette. Simply drag and drop it onto your photo or image, and edit them even further. You can also simply add new shapes or share your own shapes with other people by adding or copying them from your new Shapes Palette. As you can imagine, this tool comes with a very comprehensive Shapes Tools, which allow you to create new shapes, edit them, and adjust a text to a shape’s outline and similar operations. Also, once you’ve spent a lot of time creating a unique style for your shape, you can simply add it to Shape Style Palette and apply to other shapes. This could be all used to create logos for example, and all these tools are really functional and useful.

There are also additional tools like Smart Move Tool.  It detects an image or a vector shape while working, so you can always have appropriate set of options. Also, that new photo effect we have mentioned before is called Light Leak effect, it helps create retro-looking illuminated images.

It is actually really nice to see how developers of Pixelmator are continuously working on adding new features and making this editor even better. Also, this update is free for any existing users, while Pixelmator costs $15 (at the moment) if you decide to purchase it right now.



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