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PROS: Easy to set up and use. Doesn’t drain iPhone’s battery. Can be useful.

CONS: No iPad-compatible app. Proximity sensor needs tweaking. Some small annoyances.

Proximo 1Monitoring systems, that are iOS-compatible, have been around on the market for a while now. These are used to keep track of a specific location over your iPhone, but they also work the other way around. In general, a monitoring system is consisted of a Bluetooth-equipped unit which is usually very small and can be attached to a key chain, and an iOS app used to control that unit.

The Kengsington’s Proximo sensor is one of the newest iOS-compatible monitoring systems. It comes from the respected company, which is known for quality and well-made products, so I expect nothing less from Proximo. It is priced at $60, which is very affordable for this product category, and I was very interested to see what this little dongle can do.

In case you lose your keys around the house, or in case you always wonder where you’ve left your iPhone, the Proximo is the perfect product for you. This system is consisted of a key fob and a tag, which are communicating with Proximo’s iOS app. Both of these dongles are small and they are designed to be connected to a keychain, so you won’t even notice them being there. The fob is oval-shaped and features one big button, which can be used to activate an alarm on your iPhone. On the other hand, the tag is circular in shape and doesn’t come with a button, so it can be used with a keychain to alarm you if you lose your keys. Both of these also feature built-in speakers which can produce some high-note sounds and can be really loud.

Proximo 3

In order to use these two small devices, you’ll first need to download a free Proximo app. This way you’ll be able to pair these devices with your iPhone and you’ll be guided through this process which should take only a minute of your time. Now you’ll be able to see both the fob and the tag in your Proximo app, as well as three main tools which can be used with this system.

Proximo 2

The first major tool which is offered through Proximo is setting up a range which acts as a geofence. This basically means that if you’ve got your phone in a pocket and you decide to leave your office without your keys, iPhone will start producing sounds to notify that you’ve left your keys behind. This goes two-way, so you can also keep track of your phone. You can also use Proximo’s Alarm feature to find missing keys, and in case a connection can’t be achieved you’ll be able to see the last known location of Proximo’s tag.

In practice, this system works well even though it comes with some downsides. For example, you can’t fine tune proximity alarm, since you can’t really see how large a geofenced area is. Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes I needed to start Proximo’s iOS app to reconnect it to a sensor, which is also yet another concern.


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