Satechi 7 port USB Hub
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  • Satechi 7 port USB Hub
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PROS: Quality made and nicely designed. Very high transfer speeds.

CONS: Provided cables are differently colored. Striking and annoying LED light.

USB Hub 3Speaking only from a designer point of view, Apple has done an incredible job in bringing the industrial design up to completely new heights. Even though some may argue how functional Macs are, or if their price is justified, no one can argue how beautiful Apple products are. Actually, this is not only about products themselves, because a certain excitement begins right after you find yourself in an Apple store.

This concept of industrial design and employing it to serve users in their everyday lives is something that Apple pioneered, in its current form. As we said earlier, excitement begins in an Apple store, which features minimalistic and transparent design. After that, process of unboxing is a feeling on its own, and finally, you pull out Apple-designed product which unifies hardware and software design. Luckily, most people responded very well to this, and an average user now tries to find not only better performing, but also better looking product. This also translated to smaller products like 3rd party accessories, where manufacturers are trying to promote their products by making them “Apple friendly”. This term usually means – to be elegant and beautifully looking, yet functional.

I’ve made this long introduction because it is needed to briefly explain some design philosophy behind some today’s products. This philosophy can be seen on Satechi’s latest product, which we are reviewing in this article. This product is actually an aluminum 7 Port USB Hub, which features USB 3.0 connection. Since you can never have enough USB ports on your computer, an accessory like this is always a good idea to use.

USB Hub 2

This port USB hub features strikingly elegant design, and clearly looks like an Apple-made product. This means that it perfectly fits any Apple’s desktop or notebook computer. Its wedge shape reflects design of Apple’s keyboard, and looks like a natural extension of these devices.

Now a few words on its functionality. Satechi 7-port aluminum hub can be set-up just like any other USB hub, and doesn’t need any additional software of setup within OS X. Simply plug-in provided cables to connect this device with your Mac and you will be ready to go. You will get to use 7 ports, which is really a lot, and all of these feature amazing USB 3.0 speeds. You will be able to achieve up to 5.0 Gbps, in case you use compatible devices on all ends. This means that you can theoretically achieve up to ten times faster connection than USB 2.0.

USB Hub 1

As you can see from the pictures, this USB hub comes with a prominent blue LED light, which indicates its activity. I’ve noticed that many users don’t like this, and that this can be a deal breaker for many. I am not sure why this is the case since I don’t mint this LED light, but I understand that we all have different taste, and that this can be annoying sometimes. Besides this, I don’t have any other issues with this beautifully looking USB hub.


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