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PROS: Nicely designed. Light and elegant. Very practical. Comes in several colors.

CONS: None.

SETA Stand 1The newest iPhone generation came with the Lightning port, which surprised many 3rd party developers even though some rumors and pictures appeared in the past which indicated that Apple was going to make this transition. It is clear that the Lightning port has many advantages over the old 30-pin connector, and that we are going to see many uses for this technology in the future.  One of those things that needed to be changed during this transition is a design of iPhone docks.

Older docks which came with 30-pin connects were truly docks, which means that you were able to simply push your iPhone into them, and your phone will immediately begin charging or syncing over iTunes. It took some time for developers and designers to come up with docks which included the Lightning cable, but all of these came as plastics shells and simple stands used to hold your phone while you pull and attach Apple-supplied Lightning cable. Today we can see that there’s no other way for these docks to work, so designers are trying to take advantage of this situation and create some very unusual and elegant docks.

SETA Stand 3

The SETA stand is a Kickstarter project which received some well-deserved attention. This project is still in its fundraising phase, but since main goals are already met, the SETA iPhone stand has come to life.

This stand seems very simple at a first sight, but once you decide to take a closer look you’ll see some very interesting details and you’ll realize how interesting this product actually is. It is made of a single piece of aluminum and its aesthetics perfectly fit with iPhone’s lines and shape. There are several colors to choose from, even though white and black versions are the most compatible with white and black iPhones.

SETA Stand 2

Connection between an iPhone and the SETA stand is achieved using so-called NanoSuction technology, which basically means that you can stick your phone onto top side of this stand. Still, this is not just another suction surface, since this pad is non-porous and holds you iPhone very tightly without leaving any marks. It is also interesting to mention that you can clean this pad using a clear tape, so it can rebuild its suction abilities.

Besides sticking your iPhone to SETA iPhone stand, you’ll also need to connect your phone to a wall outlet using the Lightning cable. As you can see from the pictures, this stand comes with a hole for this cable, just like any other similar stands. I do have one remark with most of similar stands, and that is lack of any grip for cable which will keep it in place once you take your phone and unplug it. The SETA stand solves this elegantly, and keeps the Lightning cable in its place after you unplug your phone.

In case you’re interested in buying a stand for your iPhone 5, the choice is very large, but there are numerous stands which are very impractical. The SETA stand is not one of those, and I can warmly recommend it.


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