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PROS: Easy to use. Very functional.

CONS: Doesn’t offer any connection to Adobe’s applications.

Sip 2Most designers, illustrators, and web developers know how important it is to create a good looking color palette. To others this might seem a bit useless or even funny, but creating an efficient color palette is essential for any graphic-related project. There are numerous tools which can help you with this process, but they usually come as a part of a very complex professional tools, which are not that easy nor convenient to use. For most professionals, a great color grabbing tool will do this job, and there are several applications which are very popular at the moment, and which allow you to pick colors from anywhere on your screen.

Having an application to pick colors is much more important that you can assume. Every professional application (like Adobe’s Creative Suite for example) uses very detailed color settings to apply, change or export a project. This could be very important for a web design project, or during interface design, which all could be done using Photoshop. Since millions and millions colors use a custom code to be recognized, a custom color grabber need to have an option to produce a code which could be used within any professional-grade application. And in this article we are going to show you such an application.

Sip 1

An application simply named Sip can be used to grab a color from anywhere on your screen. If you own iWork, for example, than you probably already know how this process works, and Sip expands this feature to your whole display. This means that you’ll be able to pick colors from any website, a photo, and even from your OS X.

In order to start grabbing colors using Sip, you’ll need to click on its menu bar icon and choose “Pick Color”. This could be also done using Control+Option+P combination. As you can see from its drop-down menu, Sip is able to save numerous grabbed colors, which are saved as a desired code. You can use Sip’s Preferences to choose how much colors you’d like to be saved in history, and this is also where you can pick a default color code output. You will be able to pick hexadecimal notation, and RGB or HSL, to name a few.

Sip also comes with its own Color Panel, which is the same one that you can use with Apple’s Preview and the rest of Mac applications. This feature is used to check the last few colors that you’ve picked, so you can see if they are going to work with your own project. This is a very nice addition, and could be used to resolve some issues on time.

Also, most of these color picking apps work with some widely used applications like Adobe’s Photoshop or Illustrator, but this is not the case with Sip. This is not a major downside, since you do get a custom color code, which could be easily copied and then pasted into these applications. It only means that you could save a few seconds otherwise.

For its price of $1, Sip seems like a very good choice for a custom color picking app.


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