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PROS: Nicely designed.

CONS: Numerous issues. Becomes unusable in a matter of weeks.

SurfacePad 1Twelve South is a company known for a very interesting cases and stands for all iOS products and Apple computers as well. We had a chance of reviewing several of their products in the past, and in most cases we were very happy with them, so they ended up with great ratings. Today we are going to review yet another case designed and made by Twelve South, but unfortunately, this is not one of those products that impressed us.

Twelve South’s SurfacePad is a very elegant protective case, and could be purchased in two sizes: for iPhone 4/4S and the newest iPhone generation as well. There’s no difference between these two cases, except for their size since iPhone 5 is a bit taller than previous generations, and both of these cases are being sold at $35.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a folio-style case which means that it covers three sides of your iPhone – just like any other folio case. You can also use it as a stand, simply by flipping the front cover and using it to hold your iPhone at a certain angle and in landscape orientation, and this stand could be useful for watching movies, YouTube videos, and even web browsing.

SurfacePad 3

In order to set-up this folio case you’ll need to use adhesive tape which could be found on the inner part of its backside, so you’ll need to very carefully align your iPhone and stick to this adhesive tape firmly.

The SurfacePad is probably one of the best looking folio cases, and it also feels very nice in hand, but this came with a great cost. Since it’s made of very soft and thin leather, it doesn’t actually offer any practical protection, so in case you drop your iPhone, the SurfacePad won’t protect it. The only protection I see is over iPhone’s touchscreen, and that could prevent accidental scratches. In case you drop your phone, this case will be useless. You should also know that iPhone 5 comes with a great scratch-resistant technology on its own, so there’s no practical use for SurfacePad, and I guess that most people will use it as a fashion accessory since it is really beautifully designed.

SurfacePad scr2

Another big problem about the SurfacePad is its quality and durability. For a price of $35 for an iPhone case, you should really expect a case which will protect your iPhone and which won’t lose its original qualities. In my case, this product started peeling off after 10 days of use which made it completely obsolete, since you can’t even use it in case its adhesive tape isn’t working properly. Many other users also noted that there are other problems with this case, and that in several weeks of use it will start falling apart. Even though Twelve South didn’t publicly acknowledged this, a large number of users received new cases from this company, but quality remained the same. This is a very serious problem, and right now I would suggest spending your $35 elsewhere.


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