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PROS: Nicely designed. Offers great protection. Quality made. CONS: Some minor annoyances.

Impact Band 1Tech21 is a company which only recently entered Apple Stores, but thanks to their interesting products we began hearing about this company very quickly. We already brought you a review of Tech21’s Impact Shield, which is on-screen protection which uses some very serious technologies in order to give you a complete screen protection, and amazing resistance to scratches and shocks. Today we will talk about another interesting product, which is made only for iPhone 5, and which is named the Impact Band.

Impact Band protects the back side of your iPhone, and it also serves as a bumper, meaning that it protects all four sides and the screen as well because it’s a bit extruded over the edges. This product comes as a bumper and a plastic plate which are two completely separate pieces, which means that you can only use a bumper in case you don’t like covering your phone. In case you’d like a complete protection, I would recommend combining Impact Band with the previously reviewed Impact Shield, which gives you probably the best protection you can currently get.

Speaking of the bumper, it is made of a very hard rubber, and if you look closely at the pictures you’ll notice something that looks like a decorative ribbon inside it. Well, as it turns out this is so called “D30”, which is impact-resistant military-grade fabric, and which gives extra strong protection to your phone. As you can see by now, Tech21 decided not only to make nicely looking protection cases for iPhones, but to offer some very serious products which actually don’t have a direct competition. As we said in the previous paragraph, you’ll also receive a back plate which is completely transparent and is made of plastics. It’s not that extra strong, but it’s able to keep the back side of iPhone 5 protected from any scratches and also provides somewhat effective shock-absorbent layer.

Impact Band 2

When it comes to installation, you’ll need to spend several minutes adjusting the bumper around the edges of your phone, which can became a challenge. You’ll need to properly align the bumper so it nicely covers the edges, leaves all ports opened, and covers volume plus and minus buttons. Speaking of these buttons, be prepared to use some extra force to activate them since rubber layer is quite thick and strong. There are no problems with ports, which are left open and which are easily accessible.

When it comes to protection, this is probably one of the best bumpers you can use with your iPhone 5. It is very quality made and I am confident that it can absorb some very powerful hits and shocks. The only thing I didn’t like is a decision to cover the buttons which makes them not so easily accessible, even though you’ll surely adapt in time.

For a price of $30, this is a very good investment if you’re interested in using a bumper, and I doubt you’ll find a better solution. Finally, you should also know that you can find several color combinations: smokey, pink, blue, purple, and green, so you’ll surely find the right fit.


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