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PROS: Quality made. Affordable. Very effective.

CONS: Some people will mind a combination code protection (instead of an actual key).

ThinkSafe 1In case you carry around your MacBook wherever you go, and if you don’t like being tied to a certain place while working on a computer, it should be essential to have a very reliable locking system. The best known (and one of the most reliable) is Kensington lock, which required a dedicated security slot on your notebook. Since Apple failed to include Kensington-ready slot with the newest generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display, you’ll need to find a new way to secure your computer. This led to an array of 3rd party solutions, of which only a few are reliable enough to be used on a daily basis. Today we are going to review one of those security systems, which promises a lot at a first sight. It is called ThinkSafe for Mac, and is made by a company called PNY. It is priced at $35, which is very affordable for this product category.

ThinkSafe is a very secure cable which comes with a loop at its end, attached to a lock which could be opened only using the right 4-digit combination code. In theory, this mechanism seems very interesting, and once you take this product in your hand you’ll also see that it is quality made and seems like it will do its job.

ThinkSafe 2

There are two ways to use this system, which depends on which MacBook model you own. In case you’ve got an older MacBook which includes Kensington security slot, you can use that slot. This is the small square hole located on one of the sides of your notebook. In case you’ve got the latest generation of MacBooks, than you can use PNY’s patented security system. This system is called the Hinge-Locking system and this is a thin curved piece of metal, which could slip between a gap between MacBook’s keyboard and the display. On the other end, you can loop the cable around a table leg or anything non-movable. In case you can’t find anything to connect ThinkSafe to, you can purchase a portable security clamp (also made by PNY), which is priced at $15.

According to numerous tests, ThinkSafe actually works incredibly well. Just like with the most notebook security systems, it won’t stop anyone from stealing your computer, but it will make it much harder for anyone who tries that. In most cases this is just enough, since it takes a while for someone to cut a cable of a security system, or destroy a lock. In these terms, ThinkSafe is probably one of the most reliable security systems for the newest MacBook generation, and it is also very affordable.

Finally, I need to pinpoint a potential issues for some. There are people arguing if a combination code is useful, since someone can see it and in most cases it could be easy for these locks to be sabotaged. So, I guess an actual key could be a better solution, even though both of these system work well.


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