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PROS: Very flexible and adjustable interface. Packed with useful features.

CONS: None.

tweetbotAccording to statistics dated from February 2013, Twitter currently has over 200 million active members. Ever since it was founded in 2006, this social network managed to increase its user-base and gain popularity thanks to constant development. You probably know all about Twitter by now, so we won’t waste any time trying to explain some of its prominent features or explaining why Twitter is different from others. We will say that most users agree on one thing: it is an absolute necessity to have a desktop Twitter client, as well as some dedicated iOS app which will make it possible to always stay in touch with our Twitter fellows.

One of the most popular Twitter clients for OS X is called Tweetbot, and we are going to review it right in this article. Even though Tweetbot has been around for over a year, it just received another major update, so we decided it’s time to review it and see what this application can offer. It can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $20, which can tell you that this not just another cheap Twitter client, but a full-featured application.

Tweetbot scr1

Once you open Tweetbot and sign-in with your Twitter credentials, you’ll get to its beautifully designed interface. In its default view, it takes very little space on your desktop, and even in this state this application is fully functional. Basically, its interface is divided into two parts: large scrolling column with tweets, and a sidebar filled with icons which lead to some very advanced features. This default view can be much larger, if your prefer so, and you can have multiple columns which can be created to show only a certain hashtag, or tweets made by a particular individual. On the other hand, Tweetbot can be made even smaller, so you can eliminate icon sidebar, and only focus on activity feed. This only shows how flexible this application is, and that you can set-up every single feature to fit your individual needs.

Tweetbot scr2

In order to explain every single feature of Tweetbot, we would need to write a very long article. So, to keep things simple and readable, we’ll focus on the most interesting ones. That icon sidebar that you can see on the left side of Tweetbot’s interface can be used to view individual Twitter profiles, to privately chat with someone, to made lists based on a certain criteria, to find people and mark some profiles or tweets as favorite, and so much more. But many features can be also found under the hood like support for numerous upload services, very detailed keyboard shortcuts, dedicated image viewer, and so on. Also, it comes with some OS X-specific features like gesture support, Retina image quality, and iCloud and Notification Center support as well.

Tweetbot is currently the most elaborate desktop Twitter client and comes packed with numerous helpful features. There are even tutorials using which you can discover new things and learn more about this application, which I strongly recommend watching. Having all this in mind, its price at $20 seems very reasonable and definitely seems like a good deal.



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