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PROS: Beautiful interface. Combines calendar and to-do functionality. Works with other iOS apps.

CONS: Some small annoyances, which could be easily fixed with an update.

I use my iOS devices to fully organize my day, and by now I’ve learned all the tricks about iCloud integration and syncing, and making all of my three Apple-made devices work for me. I am talking here about my iMac, about my iPhone and iPad as well.

With the introduction of iCloud and effortless syncing of calendar items and to-do lists that I create with iOS’ Reminders app, I’ve become dependent of Apple software ecosystem in such manner that I wouldn’t even think about any other platform. This surely comes with some good and some very bad sides, but the good news is that many newly released applications work the same way and try to get the piece of iCloud or even to create their own sustainable ecosystems. This way I’ve got the freedom to look for a new calendar app, since I really don’t like Apple’s own Calendar app because of its poor aesthetics and some obstructed functionalities. Even though I’ve seen how the new Calendar app is going to look like in iOS7, and I actually liked it, I am still more than happy to see some other options.

Agenda Calendar 4 1

When you decide to look for a new calendar app in the iOS App Store, you’ll first receive a few very good choices. One of those top choices is called Agenda Calendar 4, and I’ve decided to take it for a test. This application costs only $1 and already received a lot of positive ratings and reviews, so I had my hopes up for this little app.

As it turns out, Agenda Calendar 4 is (as it’s name says) fourth major version of already popular organizational tool which comes from Savvy Apps. I’ve used the previous two versions and saw some very welcome changes right from the first screen of this app.

Once you open Agenda Calendar 4 for the first time you’ll be greeted with nicely designed splash screen which will require you to go through setup process. The good news is that this app can pull data from Apple’s Calendar and Reminders app, so you’ll be ready right from the start. It also works the other way around, but with some limitations. For example, you’ll be able to delete a reminder (and it will be deleted in Reminders app as well), but you won’t be able to mark it as completed or save it for later. Also if you add or change any calendar items on your Mac, it will be synced via iCloud and changes will be made with Agenda Calendar 4 as well. It is also very important to say that this app also shares info with Clear, Omnifocus, Things, Todo, and many more apps.

What I really liked about this app is its simplistic interface. It allows you to choose one of several calendar views (six months view, single month, and list view). You can use simple gestures to switch between those views, as well as to reveal events and reminders bellow the calendar. All of these gestures seem very simple and natural, so there’s basically no learning curve.

If you’re searching for a new calendar app for your iPhone, it seems that Agenda Calendar 4 is currently the best choice available and I strongly recommend it.


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