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PROS: Beautifully designed. Comes in amazing packaging. Easy installation.

CONS: Some signal loss.

Craftwerk 1I’ve tried and used many cases for my iPhone over the years, only to find out that the perfect case is not that easy to design and manufacture. Even after all that time I still believe that it’s a real shame to use a case to completely cover beautifully designed Apple product, even though this might give you protection from scratches, dents, and other permanent damages. By doing reviews for, I did stumble upon several very interestingly designed and functional cases, which really kept my attention for some time. When it comes to iPhone protection, the best protection I’ve found weren’t cases, but bumpers instead.

Bumpers can be a perfect iPhone protection solution for people like me. These can be beautifully designed, very light and elegant, even though they can’t give a full protection like cases can, but they can still be very functional and helpful. In this article we’ll review a product made by Craftwerk, which is a bumper from a product series named Freeform and which is made for iPhone 5. This company is already known for a series of very elegant bumpers, as well as for their own solution of Gorilla-glass protection.

Craftwerk 2

Latest Craftwerk’s product continues to look as elegant as its predecessors. This is a very light and nicely designed aluminum bumper, which won’t add any weight or bulk to already light and thin iPhone 5. This is probably one of the best designed bumpers which really looks like it’s made by Apple, since it perfectly fits iPhone’s lines, volume, and aesthetics.

You might think that this is just a very light and thin metal bumper, but in order to show you how much work and thought was put into this product, designers at Craftwerk made exquisite packaging which could also work as an iPhone stand and sound amplifier as well. This is something I haven’t seen before, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out these hidden functions.

Craftwerk 3

One of the most important things about iPhone bumpers is ease of installation and how well they fit. Well, process of installation does require some time and patience since it’s important to properly align all the elements and push them into unified piece. This bumper comes in two parts, and you’ll find rear and front protection for your phone, so you’ll need to be very careful during the initial installation. Basically, you’ll need to slide the bottom part of this bumper onto your phone, and then slide the rear protection into the bumper. Do the same thing for the front side of your phone and apply some pressure so that both parts nicely fit into each other. Once everything is set up, you shouldn’t have any problems with it, since it perfectly fits onto your iPhone 5.

The last thing I need to say about this product is that you might expect some signal loss, but this is something you can expect from any bumper. According to Craftwerk, signal loss can be from 5% up to 10%, which is quite tolerable. You shouldn’t expect any serious problems related to this issue.


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