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PROS: Beautiful and clean interface. Very simple, uncomplicated and focused. Only $1.

CONS: None.

Analog Camera 2Image editors are very popular with iPhone users, and these apps are usually among the top ten of the bestselling iOS apps. Even though iOS offers some very limited image editing capabilities, there are thousands of photo editors which are capable of basic and even very advanced editing, and they also bring some innovative photo capturing as well as plethora preloaded filters. This is why it’s always fun and interesting to review a new and promising image editor, especially if it comes from a developer already known for quality apps.

Analog Camera is the image editor we’re reviewing in this article. It’s made by Realmac Software, which is a company which brought us very popular to-do app called Clear. We’ve reviewed this app, and its OSX counterpart as well, and it received very positive ratings. Analog Camera also has its OSX counterpart simply called Analog (which is currently priced at $10), so there’s already a very interested user base for this iOS app.

For an image editor to become popular within the iOS App Store, it needs to bring something new and something that will catch the attention of millions of iPhone users. Even though this application seems like one of those apps that only bring preloaded image filters, you’ll see that it’s much more than that.

Analog Camera 1

Analog Camera can help you take pictures using some of its advanced shooting features, and it also allows you to apply preloaded filters so you can instantly upload a picture, or you can send it to some other image editor for further editing.

When you decide to take a picture, you can use Analog Camera to control focus and exposure, which can be controlled all at once or separately. You can also use auto-mode which simplifies this process, but I believe that experienced photographers will enjoy modifying each of these settings by themselves. You can choose which feature you want to set up with a gesture, so for example you can tap once to modify focus and exposure at the same time, or if you tap with two fingers you can enter separate controls for these settings. Now double tap and you’ll return to default auto-mode.

As mentioned earlier, Analog Camera can be used to apply one of eight available filters, but what’s interesting about this app is that you can use it to send a picture to another iOS app to enhance it even more. For example, there’s a sharing button which can send a picture to Instagram, Camera+, Instashare, Evernote, Tumblr, and much more. On the other hand, if you’d like to send a picture to your Facebook of Twitter account, you can use a simplistically designed Facebook/Twitter button. You should also know that these two buttons will appear only if you’ve already signed-in with these services within iOS itself.

Analog Camera is a very smart application. It’s not trying to offer all-in-one, or to overshadow some similar image editor. Instead, it’s great for taking pictures, and gives you some editing abilities. It works with other advanced image editors to give you a full control, and gives you a quick access to Facebook and Twitter. Finally, for a price of $1 this can quickly become one of those essential iOS apps.




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