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PROS: Beautifully designed interface. Fun to use.

CONS: Limited in many ways. Demands a lot of manual data entering.

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As I’ve learned by now, iPhone can be considered as a very reliable digital fitness assistant. You can get the most out of it if you purchase one of those activity trackers, which come as bracelets or dongles that you can keep in your pocket. These trackers are made to keep track of your every activity throughout the day, so you can easily review collected data on your phone. We’ve already reviewed a number of those, and they can be very useful and extremely accurate, if utilized right.

In this article we’re bringing you a review of an iOS app named Argus. This is a standalone application, meaning that there’s no actual tracker that you need to use. What I found interesting about it, on a first sight, is that Argus is completely free of charge, which was a surprise considering that most fitness assistants are paid solutions.

Argus is an activity tracker which can help you enter your daily activities, water and food intake, so you can review this information over a longer period of time. For the most part you’ll need to manually enter your activities, even though Argus is trying to use some built-in iPhone’s functionalities to keep track of distance and time. In other words, you’ll first need to select an activity and then Argus will calculate duration, distance, intensity, max speed, and similar info. This data will be shown through their numerical values, but you’ll also get to see graphs which are perhaps easier to understand and to see your progress over time. I was surprised that Argus didn’t calculate total burned calories, since this is one of those essential information.

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Argus can be also used to track your meals and water intake. You’ll need to set up how many glasses of water you plan on drinking throughout the day, so that Argus can remind you. When it comes to keeping a score of your nutrition, this app seems quite limited. You’ll be able to take pictures of your meals, and to manually add some information, but that’s just about it.

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Probably the best side about Argus is its interface, which is a real eye-candy. The main screen will show you a daily log, so you can see your activities for a current week. It uses honeycomb-inspired design, so you’ll see buttons, or icons, of each activity that you can inspect by taping on that icon. Speaking of its design, which could easily be its strongest selling point. I really liked how interface elements are organized, as well as those nice finishing touches. In terms of design, this is probably one of the most successful fitness apps that I’ve had a chance of reviewing.

Even though its design is amazing, there are some issues with Argus’ functionality. It demands a lot of manual work in terms of entering information and setting everything up. This means that you can’t get quite accurate and reliable results, which is what an activity tracker should be all about.


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