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Pros: Beautiful interface. Has a lot of potential. Cons: Serious performance issues and bugs. Overpriced, at the moment.

Ever since developers got a chance to show their creations in the iOS App Store, certain trends started to be noticeable. For example, you can still find thousands of alternative iOS weather apps, where you can find free and premium applications, even though there is Apple’s Weather app integrated into any version of iOS. It seems that even though an iPhone users already got a perfectly usable app, they will choose to buy a new one if they like its interface or some other interesting or innovative feature.

Beautiful Weather 1

With this said, it’s no wonder that many new developers chose “weather app” category to enter the world of iOS and OSX software. What’s more interesting is that weather apps were sometimes the first to introduce some unusual interface element or innovative gesture control, which was later implemented into a much more complex app. This is why, for me, it’s always interesting to see brand new weather apps, no matter if they are created for iOS or OSX.

Today we are going to get a deeper look into an OSX application named Beautiful Weather. This app can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, and it’s currently priced at $2. According to its developer, the Beautiful Weather promises to bring very simplistic interface which accurately shows your local and worldwide temperatures, so let’s see if these goals are fulfilled.

Beautiful Weather 2

Once you open Beautiful Weather for the first time you’ll need to enter at least one new location and unfortunately this is where the first issue can be seen. While you’ll be able to add a new location, you’ll need to reopen this app in order for the background image to be loaded. Weather info and locations are pulled using Yahoo Weather API, while images are being pulled from Flickr which is trying to show an image of your location. This is not a complex task, and many similar apps are doing this without any problems, so this was a disappointment. Even though this is just a one-time issue, it leaves negative impression right from the start which is something a premium app should never allow.

Speaking of how functional this app is, I need to say that it showed very accurate temperatures and there are numerous locations to find and add. What I also liked is that Beautiful Weather showed only a few relevant numbers, while some other weather apps try to offer incredible amount of data which is simply unnecessary for an average user. This app shows the current temperatures as well as highs and lows for the current day, as well as wind speed and precipitation. There are also weekly temperatures as well, and this is all you’ll actually need.

Even though I really liked its interface, typography and graphic elements, some important issues and performance glitches are preventing me from recommending it. As I’ve said earlier, you’ll need to restart this app every time you add a new location in order for the background image to be pulled. It also sometimes needs a few minutes for temperatures to be pulled and presented, which is a major issue. So finally it could be said that Beautiful Weather does have some potential, but its problems are too big at the moment.


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